Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Klan Wants You! Me! and Even You.....Allegedly

Hey black guy, white guy, Hispanic guy, have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of an elite group? Have you ever had the urge to ride around wrapped in your mother's bed sheets wearing a hood and burning crosses on innocent people's lawn's? Well have I got news for you! The Ku Klux Klan has decided to welcome all of us. Yes, I said all of us! The Klan has now become a progressive organization, Imagine that, and on the same day that I was able to purchase the Brooklyn Bridge for a $1.00!

Residents of a predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhood in West Cocoa, Florida were angered, shocked and disgusted because of the fact that they've been finding Klan recruitment flyers strewn about their neighborhood left by white supremacist's from North Carolina over the past few weeks.The flyer's feature a cloaked clown with the caption "Our race, our nation", along with details on how to join the North Carolina group.

"We had a couple people who were very upset and wanted us to do something about it. We explained that no law had been broken," Cocoa Police Officer Barbara Matthews said. "It's just a solicitation but we said if you see someone in your neighborhood ... please call us and let us check out with them.

"Luke Setzer who found one outside his West Cocoa home on Sunday morning, descibed it as simply embarrassing for the country to have to deal with in this day and age,.Tomas Lebron, who found the fliers in his nearby Rockledge neighborhood last week, described it as a possible attempt to intimate him and his neighbors, who are predominantly Hispanic. Tim Washington, who came across a flier in his predominantly black New Smyrna Beach neighborhood on Nov. 10, plainly summed it up as a message of "hate.""I think it's shallow, this day and age," Washington, who's black, contacted KKK leader Robert Jones to ask why his group, one that's labeled as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center  chose the black neighborhood as part of their recruiting effort.
 The neighborhood was described as one of many picked by the group, however this one was picked accidentally, he said. The wildly articulate Jones then went on to say.....

"Well, we don't have no way of judging where we're putting the flyers at," 

 Probably because people who are as deeply immersed in idiocy as they are have no idea how to use a computer, or their brains for that matter. Oh, forgive me for believing that they actually have brains. 

Jones said they've distributed hundreds of fliers over the last few days. But surprisingly no one from the area has shown interest in joining though they have had interest elsewhere.An upcoming KKK rally being held in North Carolina, according to their website, is described as rallying but with a holiday twist."There will be a cross lighting. There will be a Free Christmas Ham dinner. There will be speeches and klans," they advertise.Ericka Blount, who lives in one of the Florida neighborhoods targeted by their group, offered one message for them after finding one of their fliers."Stay away from our neighborhood.". "We live together here, all different races."

In all reality, I believe that they knew exactly what they were doing. Perhaps someone figured out that the Klan could use the way that it's been stereotyped to it's advantage.In other words, someone was smart enough to use ignorance as a defense. Aren't you glad that you read The PRBrown Report! Its time for me to do what I do best, and peel back the layers,

 "Our race, our nation", is a two pronged diversion method. This phrase is a cunning yet misguided attempt to marginalize and separate ethnic groups. Using the phrase "Our race our nation", is a proclamation. made in an attempt to separate those who were born in America from immigrants, illegal or otherwise  A coded message which speaks in reference to the disdain that some american's both black and white have for illegal immigrant's. Do not be fooled this was a planned method of recruitment. A psychological experiment, a fishing expedition, and a recruitment drive all rolled into one. The question is.......will anybody fall for it?  Before you say no, think about this. There are more that a few African-American's in the Republican Party. Do you think there are any Klan members in the Democratic party at all?


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