Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Church Wouldn't Bury Her!

We should all pay our 10%, no if's and's or but's about it. The principle is, if you give, it will come back to you, pressed down, shaking together, and running over. But not everyone can give, not everyone is financially blessed, and life happens. But that doesn't give anyone the right to kick them when they're down.....dead or alive.

Church is supposed to be a place where people seek solace, comfort, and refuge during times of need. But for one Houston family, they found the exact opposite at the worst possible time.

Barbara Day, the daughter of 93-year-old Olivia Blair, had always planned to bury her mother at the Fourth Missionary Baptist Church, a church she had attended for more than 50 years. But the pastor, Walter Houston refused to bury Blair just because she hadn’t paid her tithes.

“It was like the worst insult in the world.” Day said her only wish was for her mother to be buried “in the church that she loved and worshipped all of her life, even as a little girl.” 

Day said that her mother had been a church member for five decades but had been sick for the past ten years and in a coma for that past two years.

Tyrone Jacques, a preacher watchdog contacted Pastor Houston and asked him to reconsider but he would not be persuaded. Instead, he said, Blair was “no longer a member of the church because she had not supported it financially in the last 10 years.”

Jacques then offered to pay for the service but Pastor Houston said no, claiming that “membership had its privileges.” This sounds more like the church of American Express.

Day was outraged saying that the church only cares about “getting money money money money money!”

I agree with her. I don’t see how the church can claim their operating under God’s will in this situation, particularly when Jesus spoke frequently about helping the sick and the poor. And if she stopped paying tithes, then it seems like that’s something she’ll have to take up with The Lord.. Just like Pastor Houston might be asked to explain why he chose not to bury her when he meets his maker.


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