Friday, November 7, 2014

Just When a You Thought You Heard It All News (11-8-2014)

There is absolutely, positively nothing wrong with getting high in church as long as you get high on JESUS! But one Oklahoma church is inviting parishioners to get high on Budweiser.

Eastside Christian church is inviting everyone for some suds and songs Sunday with their 'Beer and Hymns' event,l.

Church officials say it's an outreach event to discuss the future of the Christian church. 
Sure, because each and every discussion  is better with beer!.......NOT

"Everybody's welcome," said Michael Riggs with the church. "No questions are banned. No holds barred. Just come and respect each other's opinions, and just have a good honest conversation about God while having a few beers at the same time." 

But before you think the Father's house will become a frat house, they say they're keeping it family friendly. They will be checking IDs and limiting the drinking to three beers per person.

A firefighter's job went up in flames after an investigation uncovered a steamy cell-phone video and sexually explicit emails. Apparently he was using his hose to light fires instead of putting them out.

Stephen Coward's 19-year career with the Clearwater, Florida Fire Department came to an end last month after an anonymous package containing the embarrassing material emerged and led to his resignation.

The video shows Coward engaged in intercourse with a woman inside the bathroom of his dormitory room at the firehouse. 
This dummy was smiling and holding up a cell phone that is recording that sex act in a mirror.

The video and 40 incriminating emails between Coward and another woman were sent anonymously to the Clearwater fire chief in August, sparking the investigation.

A second person came forward anonymously to claim that Coward had sex with as many as eight women while on duty.........

Coward admitted to having sex with two women in the fire station's "workout room, dive truck and his dorm." But if I were those guy's I would definitely disinfect the pole! 

The funny thing is, you could kinda tell that she loves crystal meth even if you didn't read her shirt. It's kind of like me wearing a shirt that says I love food. You already know!!

A Kentucky woman arrested on meth charges while wearing an "I love crystal meth" t-shirt now has one very ironic mugshot for her records.

Deborah Delane Asher, 37, was busted on Tuesday for alleged trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine. Richard Jeffrey Rice, 57, was also charged in the case.

"The arrests were the result of a drug investigation conducted there after deputies located 2 subjects in possession of 3.37 grams of crystal meth and a set of digital scales", police in Laurel County said.


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