Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Divine Intervention?

One is a building with bars. The other is a building with a bar. But a very drunk woman in Paw, Paw Michigan apparently had trouble telling them apart and ended up in a southwestern Michigan jail cell.

The Van Buren County sheriff's department says a 39-year-old woman mistook the Van Buren County jail for the bar where she was trying to pick up her boyfriend. 

The department says Deputy Robert Miersma spotted the Hartford-area woman backing into the jail parking lot in Paw Paw about 2 a.m. Sunday and noticed she smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated.

A breath test showed her with more than twice the 0.08 percent blood alcohol to be considered drunk in Michigan. She's expected to face drunken driving charges.
It's funny in an ironic sense how our subconscious mind works. This woman clearly new that she wasn't fit to drive so she "inadvertently" turned herself in. This story although both hilarious and sad at the same time, represents the goodness of God. Who knows who how many lives would have been lost if she continued to drive that night.


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