Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It Still Isn't Acceptable To......

1. Blast your loud, profanity laced, stupid rap music at the gas station or any place else for that matter. Yes I've listened to quite a bit of not so appropriate music in my time. But at least I had the decency to hid it!

2. Have a tattoo on your neck or your hands. Nobody is going to give you a job with the words "pink chocolate" stamped on your neck...... and YES, I've seen it before!

3. Wear your pants hanging off, showing the crack of your behind. All this does is make you look "sexy" to some booty warrior in prison.....enough said!!

4. Show up late for work each and every and and expect to get a raise. Nobody, is going to give you something for nothing. Especially if you do nothing.

5. Let your children tell you what they will and won't do. You made them. They didn't make you. Besides, how much does a 5 year old really know?


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