Monday, September 22, 2014

Part Time Christian's

Each and everything we own needs maintainence in order for it to operate at it's full capacity. When we talk about maintanence we usually speak in reference to things that are mechanical, such as cars appliances, or even buildings. But our souls, and our minds also require a certain amount of work to run and operate at maximum capacity. But how do we keep our minds and souls at peak performing condition? The first step actually sounds a lot easier than it really is. We have to have the desire. Claiming that you are a Christian, and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is your Lord and savior is nothing more than lip service if your words and your deeds do not reflect what your mouth is saying. It's like washing and waxing a car without an engine. It looks good. But what drives it? How does it operate, and why is it presented as if it is anything but empty?So is the human spirit without effort, action, and deed. Many of us call ourselves Christians but fall victim to the same jealousy, envy, and vain glory that we found out in the world, choosing to love our brothers and sisters when they are easy for us to love. When they're down and going through we offer our love and support, and when they're up we fall victim to thoughts of audaciousness. Not realizing that those who are up sometimes need just as much support as those who are down.
But some of us are fair weather Christians, quick to offer an umbrella to shield you from the rain. But slow to celebrate with you when the storm is over. Especially if they're still in the midst of theirs.
Every now and then it is good to do a self check up. Ask yourself before you do what you're about to do or say what you're about to say if it is an adequit reflection, or representation of the God in you, or if it's just your flesh trying to talk over. Stop and think about what Jesus would do, and then train your mind to stay on him.
It is not enough just to say that you know him!


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