Thursday, September 11, 2014

He's Been Knocking Her Out Since High School!

YES, I BELIEVE THAT BOTH the NFL AND ROGER GOODELL KNEW THAT RAY RICE KNOCKED OUT HIS THEN FIANCÉ, AND NOW WIFE, Janay Palmer Rice. Yes, I believe that they covered it up to protect both their interests and their brand. It was strictly a business decision, and once a source revealed that there was footage showing the assault, they made a decision to distance themselves and impose a harsh punishment.
But what I am finding hard to believe is the fact that any man has the gall to defend this "man". Without the footage in its entirety it was easy to speculate, and one could almost sense a collective sigh of relief when it was reported that the only footage that existed showed Rice dragging an unconscious Palmer out of the elevator. The alleged absence of any other footage made it easy for speculation to take root, and for the imagination to run wild. Narratives, and theories predicated by rebuke for rushing to judgement became a popular refrain amongst Rices defenders. The sad thing is, now that we know exactly what happened, many still choose to defend him, siting the fact that he married her after knocking her out, and has been with her since high school is proof that they really care for each other. The truth is, all that proves is two things. He married her to shut her up, and he has probably been knocking her out since they were teenagers. Am I the only one who noticed the lack of concern shown by dragging her lifeless body out of the elevator and dropping her flat on her face? It looked as if it was business as usual for him, and not a one time fit of rage.

As far as I am concerned, there are 3 guilty parties involved in this matter. Ray Rice, the violent perpetrator, his wife Janay Palmer Rice he refused to press charges, choosing to marry her abuser instead, and then apologized on Instagram for her role, and last but not least Roger Goodell. A police source has confirmed that Goodell did in fact see the entire video even though he denied having any prior knowledge. If this is true Goodell should be fired. His denial amounts to little more than aiding and a bedding. Goodell should be fired for putting Ray Rice and the NFL above a woman's  by lying about having no prior knowledge of what was in this video. 



  1. Ray Rice is the "fair-haired" boy here in New Rochelle, his home town. On Saturday, September 13, Ray, Janay and their baby daughter were seen at the New Rochelle High School football game. They were sharing a big laugh according to the photograph shown on the news. His former coach came to bat for him, people at the football game indicated that he "deserves a second chance." I feel sorry for the baby. Unless mom and dad find a NEW way to conduct themselves, that little girl is going to be their victim. As far as Goodell is concerned, he does not appear to have ethics. I think that he knew about the video in its entirety, but he decided that it didn't matter--my opinion. And Janay--I hope that she will come out of this alive.

  2. I read about that & I absolutely agree with you, and I wonder if those who think he deserves a second chance would be so forgiving if Janay were their daughter.

  3. Well, this is interesting. Do you remember Orenthal James Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson? The Brown family was benefitting from O.J.'s fame; one daughter went to college, the father owned a car dealership (or something to do with cars) and they dropped O.J.'s name whenever it was beneficial to them. Perhaps, Janay's family might also be of that frame of mind. Who really knows. I can say this, she may have decided on which side her bread was buttered. She might have also wanted the fame and the fortune. Can't say for sure.

    1. I definitely see the comparison. I'm pretty sure that if he was a security guard Janay's tolerance level would be a whole lot different!