Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (9-20-2014)

Their is nothing like a heart warming story!

All Daniel Nickerson of Foxboro, Mass., wants for his sixth birthday Friday are cards. So far, the little boy with an inoperable brain tumor has received thousands upon thousands.

The family has been tracking the influx of packages on its Facebook page Danny's Warriors.

"Todays total rough count was a little over 8500 cards and 900 packages!!! We filled the uhaul completely up! And then filled 3 cars too!" the family posted on Facebook this week. "We are in awe of all of this, we are speechless and dont have enough words to explain how thankful we are for everyone of you! And all the love that you have shown us and continue to show us!"

This kid got more mail than Santa Clause!

People overwhelmingly sent well wishes to the address, PO Box 212 Foxboro, MA 02035, with messages of support and hope.

Nickerson was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma in 2013.

I guess you can never be too good at your job! Or, can you?

This trained rescue dog got a little carried away when it saw a child trying to go for a swim.

The kid, who was in no danger, looks seriously annoyed by the unnecessary rescue, maybe because summer is almost over and there are not many good swim days left.

But when a rescue dog decides playtime is over, playtime is over.

Guess who won't make it to Sesame Street!

A costumed performer dressed as Elmo was arrested Tuesday night in New York's Times Square.

Ten plainclothes police officers posingastourists took photos with the character. She was taken into custody after demanding cash for the photos.

The suspect, Rosa Sanchez, 37, has been charged with aggressive solicitation. 

Time Warner Cable asks me for a lot of money once a month and nobody had charged them!

Tipping costumed characters in Times Square is required and the NYPD is cracking down on performers who demand money in a sting called Operation Sesame Street.

Because God news knows if they don't arrest imaginary characters New York will cease to exist as we know it!

A proposed law requiring the performers to get licenses could soon regulate the industry. The proposal came after several costumed performers reportedly groped and assaulted tourists. One big blue character was seen grabbing women's butts in Times Square and yelling "COOKIES"!


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