Sunday, September 7, 2014

Are You Fit To Judge??

Each and every time rumors, accusations, or half naked photos surface on the internet and in the media, the inevitable happens. Judgement starts. The speculation, the supposition, the ridicule, and the scrutiny are relentless, and the subject's of the aforementioned scorn is forced to defend their missteps and  bad choices. The fact is, we have all judged someone else at some time or another in some way or another. But just because our mistakes have not been captured on cell phone video or saved to a cloud does not mean that we have not made our fair share of mistakes. It just means that the world doesn't know. Not knowing, doesn't mean not guilty, and it doesn't means less guilty. So before wwe judge we must think about our own transgression's. Because the fact is, even if no one ever steals your photo's, hacks your cloud, and reveals your secrets to the world, YOU KNOW!


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