Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"White Guilt"

The word phenomenon is probably one of the most over used words in the English language. It boosts the creedence, scope, and legitimacy of just about anything, no matter how ridiculous the theory or idea may seem or sound. But in reality this pseudo-phenomena is nothing more than nonsensical speculation rooted in desperation.

The latest "phenomena" is something called "white guilt". White guilt as described by an earnest commentator on progressive radio, is the guilt that white people feel for racism, even if they have not personally participated in the systematic oppression of Black people.Their claim is that they feel guilty for being made to feel racist by association.
But in my opinion this is utter nonsense. The notion of "white guilt" is a farse created by those who have disdain or indifference for any reference or mention of racism or slavery. Those who want to relegate Americas dark past to ancient history. People who feel a sense of entitlment are not prone to guilt. It is  nothing more than frustration. The inconvenience of having to deal with what is perceived as constant complaining from Black people. 63% of Americans polled believe that African-American's are soley responsible for their own progress, despite institutionalized racism, a higher unemployment rate per capita, and a pervasive culture of predjudice. So, who feels guilty? Certainly not the people who were polled, the majority of whom I am assuming are white. The fact of the matter is that racism and slavery are skeletons that America wants to keep buried deep in the back of its closet. The "guilt" is in fact ackwardness, uncomfortability, and a lack of understanding as to why Black America will not let it go....


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