Monday, June 30, 2014

The Real Work (Maintaining Your Blessing)

We've all been there before. We pray, and cry. Fast and pray. Hope and dream. Go up to the alter, join hands and put 10,000 to flight, stand on His promises, work, labor, and pray some more and finally when we're about to lose all faith and hope The Lord blesses us with the thing that we've laid prostrate for over the past few months or years.
 I've heard lesson after lesson, and sermon after sermon about prayer, faith, and blessing. But what happens when we pray in faith, and get our blessings?

Then the real work begins. 

When God blesses you with that wife or husband that you asked him for. You have to maintain that relationship. Any man and woman can get married. But only the man and woman who are willing to put in the work will stay married, and if you don't believe that marriage requires work, stay married a little bit longer.

When God blesses you with those beautiful children that you've been longing for, it is your responsibity to train them up in the way that they should go, feed their bodies, nourish their souls and provide a healthy, loving environment. There are many people who would give anything to have those children that get on your nerves, and drive you crazy.

When God blesses you with that house or that car that you've always wanted, you don't just move into it or drive off in it. The victory does not end there. You have to pay the mortgage, and taxes on your dream home, and you have to pay whatever it costs to keep your car. We do this not only to keep what God has given us, but also to honor God by showing our appreciation for what he has given us. 

When God blesses us with good health we must do everything that we can to stay healthy through diet, and exercise. I struggle with this just like a lot of people that I know. I don't always eat right and I don't exercise like I should. But I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the significance of doing so. We are all works in progress.

We must be prepared for our blessings, and not just ready ready for them. We can want something so bad that we talk ourselves into believing that we're ready. But are we prepared?


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