Saturday, July 26, 2014


The Cartoon Network has a disturbing, habit of producing short-lived, offensive, sacrilegious programming to air during its late night Adult Swin segment. First there were two awful "comedies" about hell, complete with misguided actors in fiery red make up and horns, and now there's "Black Jesus". My wife and I saw the commercial for this nonsensical, demeaning, debacle on Friday night. To say that we were both flabbergasted is an understatement. Not because Jesus is depicted as an African-American man. Because according to the Bible's description of him he was in fact of African descent. The problem is, in this program he is being depicted as an ignorant, African-American man living in the hood surrounded by the usual cast of character's. Jive talking, bug-eyed, neck rolling, stereo-type perpetuating d-list actor's and actresses. All of whom I refuse to promote by name. But if you've  ever seen a "black hood movie" or TV show you know who they are. During the trailor, "Black Jesus" gets slapped, insulted, cooks at a backyard barbecue, and behaves as if he is the king of fools instead of The King of Kings. Immediately after viewing this atrocious assault on our senses we changed the channel, deciding not to watch the Cartoon Network or adult swim ever again. The show was created by Aaron McGruder who is also the creator of "The Boondocks", another controversial series on Adult Swim known for it's liberal use of the N-word, and outspoken 
social commentary.

The most valuable gift that God has given us is freedom of choice, and one of the most fundamental parts of living in America is the fact that we have the right to exercise that freedom. We are free to worship, and believe, and we are free not to worship and believe. With that being said, there are those who serve God, and there are those who "serve God". Those of us who serve God are born again believer's who seek to mirror the life of Christ. Then there are others who serve him in the form of degrading imagery, serving him as a foul adaptation on a filthy plate for public consumption. The price that they will have to pay in the public eye due to swift backlash from Christian groups calling for the "shows" cancellation is NOTHING compared to the price they will ultimately have to pay for attempting to reduce our Lord and savior to nothing more than a perverse caricature.



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