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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (7-5-2014)

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This is a wild story about a man who has to be THE COOLEST DUDE IN THE WORLD.

“Yo, we might not be going to the movies. I got a knife sticking out my back.”

The man who walked into a McDonalds in Queens, New York after getting stuck with a blade calmly delivered that bad news to his daughter from his cellphone as he paced around the eatery.

Andrew Hardy, 53, of Jamaica Queens said that he planned to see “Think Like a Man Too” with his 22-year-old bartender daughter until he was stabbed with a kitchen knife on Tuesday, he said.

“Me and my daughter was supposed to be spending quality time together,” he said from his Jamaica home. “We were meeting up that afternoon.”

Their matinee plans were spoiled by a street fight around 10 a.m. on Sutphin Boulevard near 91st Street. At first two men were fist-fighting. But when another man jumped in — and the two ganged up on the lone fighter — Hardy leveled the playing field by holding one of the men back.

Moments later, he felt a sharp pain in his upper back. By the time he realized he had been stabbed, the attacker was gone. Gushing blood through his white shirt, Hardy called his daughter, then walked toward the Golden Arches a block away with the kitchen knife poking out of his back.

“I stood outside just talking to my daughter. Just staying calm. Probably longer than I should have, but that was my little comfort zone,” Hardy said.

“She got hysterical, naturally . . . but I still kept my cool because, if I had really got hurt, stabbed-stabbed, I would have really known that it had hit some vital,” he said. “S–t, I got a cool demeanor.”

Personally I would have still taken my daughter out. Knife in my back and all. But then again......I am a Brooklyn dude.

Hardy figured surveillance cameras in the restaurant would keep the attacker from following him inside, he said.

“When I felt [the knife], I just thought, ‘Get to safety,’ which was why I put myself in front of a camera, in case the dude come back at me,” he added.

“Basically, I was fully alert the whole time. I passed out, finally,” he said of his ambulance trip to Jamaica Hospital, where he spent six hours recuperating.

“It should have never went the way it went,” said Hardy, who still has no clue who stabbed him.

His daughter, who declined to give her name, said, “My dad is pretty strong. And he told me he was going to be OK, so I believed him.”


There is nothing wrong with having the entrepreneurial spirit. After all we do live in a free market society. But that does not mean that we are free to market T and A.
Undercover agents working for the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation conducted a months-long investigation of Super Fades barber shop before finally raiding the place early last Sunday morning.

MBI investigator Lt. Mike Gibson said the agents visited the barbershop by day and saw it turn into an illegal strip bar every Saturday night.

“On each and every occasion they were serving alcohol and they had strippers. And, not strippers following local law, but strippers that went completely nude."

I don't think I'll ever look at the barber pole in quite the same way.............

Along with the barber pole in front of Super Fades, there was a stripper pole installed inside the establishment.

"That would have been a piece of equipment that was there even when they operated during the day while they acted as a barbershop," Gibson said.

Agents purchased $20 worth of illegal vodka at Super Fades early Sunday morning before discovering one of the dancers was a 17 year old female.

"As we were conducting the investigation, we were able to identify one of the dancers being a juvenile, and that led to the need to speed the investigation up," Gibson said

Derrick Price, 43, the owner of Super Fades, was arrested and charged with allowing a worker to engage in nudity, allowing a person under 18 in an adult entertainment establishment, operation of an establishment without a valid license and possession of alcohol without a license with intent to sell.

He was released after posting bond and is due in court next week.

The 17-year-old who was allegedly stripping was also arrested.

This is an amazing story!!

An 84-year-old Washington state woman will soon hold her 1953 university class ring, lost six decades ago, after it was found in a dried-up West Texas lake.

Elizabeth Clark lost her Howard Payne University class ring in 1954 in Lake Nasworthy near San Angelo when she and her future husband went for a picnic and waded into the water. Clark said she wasn't certain where she had lost the ring, after discovering it was missing, she looked around her home before going back to search at the lake.

After years of drought, the ring revealed itself in the lake bed and it was found in March. Someone from the school's alumni association drove to San Angelo to retrieve the ring and was able to identify it from the initials — AEL for Addie Elizabeth Little — inside the band.

"I worked hard for that ring," Clark said. "I'm grateful it was found and that it was in good shape after 60 years."

The ring, which is 10-karat gold with a blue stone, needed some cleaning up by a local jeweler.

Clark's daughter, Donna Clark-Love of Houston, said her mother was delighted.

"She cried, she was just couldn't believe it," she said. "This was like the highlight of her life. She is just thrilled."

Clark, one of 16 children, was the only one who finished college. She got her degree in elementary education and taught fifth grade in California for the Santa Anna Unified School District, where he daughter said she won a teacher of the year award.

The ring will be returned to Clark at a family reunion Friday in her hometown of Brownfield, about 40 miles southwest of Lubbock. The woman who found the ring, Lindsay Waddell, will present it to Clark.

"I think she's more excited about getting the ring back than coming to the reunion," Clark-Love said.

Clark, who remains in contact with many of her college friends, couldn't wait to tell them the good news, Clark-Love said.

"She got on the horn and called everybody," her daughter said.


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