Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pull Your Pants Up Or Go To Jail !!

Those who know me and read this blog know that I advocate criticle and analytical thing. Especially for young people. Simply because both are drastically under utilized these days. It seems that we now live in a "why not world". A prevaledged society where decency is no longer a priority and desire is a good enough reason to do anything. In all reality we must realize that there are times when doing what feels right comes with a cost. The quandary is figuring out if one is willing to pay the price.

Two men were arrested early Saturday for causing a disturbance at a Waffle House after they refused to comply with a security guard’s order to pull up their saggy pants according to police.

Sheriff’s deputies were summoned to the Spartanburg eatery around 3:15 AM after Andrew Gehring, 22, and Donovan Johnson, 22, were allegedly “causing a disturbance” after being asked to pull their pants up and not show their boxers."

While being questioned by cops, Gehring and Johnson were quite hostile and used profanity, investigators noted. The men “both advised that they were out to have fun and implied they were Wofford students graduating” and “it wasn’t their concern that proper decorum was needed in the public domain.”

Located in Spartanburg, Wofford College yesterday celebrated its 160th commencement exercises.

Seen in the above mug shots, Gehring (left) and Johnson were arrested for disorderly conduct and booked into the county jail. In 2011, Gehring was arrested for burglary and grand larceny, which resulted is his expulsion from Wofford (where he was a member of the football team). According to Wofford’s web site, Johnson has played for the last four years on the college’s football team.

Life is all about choices, decisions, and how we deal with the outcomes of our choices and decisions. These two ignorant young men decided to take a frivolous stand. Frivolous because those chose to fight a battle based on pride as opposed to common sense.Had they considered the possibility of being placed into custody perhaps they would have pulled their pants up. But their only concern was preserving their so called manhood by not being told what to do. We must raise children and teach young adult's to look at the bigger picture rather than to live in the moment for the moment.


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