Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (7-28-2014)

It was an elementary case for an inch high private eye who's not even in elementary school.

A 4-year-old Ferndale, Washington, girl foiled an alleged robbery plot by her  stupid 17-year-old babysitter last week.

"Wednesday was the worst day of my life," the little girl told the local news.

Police said the girl's babysitter, who is not being named because she is a minor, planned a false home invasion in order to steal things from the residence. Her alleged accomplices included her 16-year-old boyfriend, and 18-year-old Ruben Benjamin.

When officers arrived at the apartment, the babysitter allegedly told police that two armed.............BLACK MEN (of course she blamed some black guys), entered the residence and stoled things including a video game system, laptops, and Abby's iPod and piggy bank.

Stealing a little girls piggy bank should be a federal crime punishable be a group beat down!

Investigators said the babysitter even tried pinning the crime on a BLACK neighbor,........who was taken in for questioning........

But when officers spoke to Abby, the little girl told them that the robbers were white not black, and that they had ordered the little girl out of the house in order to steal.

A short time later, police said the suspect admitted to the crime. The babysitter and her alleged accomplices were all arrested.

The babysitter now faces charges of second-degree perjury, conspiring to commit robbery and conspiring to commit burglary. The two other suspects were both charged with second-degree robbery, theft, and burglary.

As for Abby, she told the local news that she was just happy to have her stuff back.

"Police got it back because of me being the superhero," she said. LOLOL!

Abby also had some pretty strong opinions about her now former babysitter.

"That was really her being bad," she said. "She's not a good babysitter."

As of this writing no one has apologized to Da'Shawn, the neighbor his was brought in for questioning.

I've always thought that the school girl fetish is kinda sick. What man that isn't a pervert wants a grown woman who's dressed like a little girl? The answer is NO MAN who isn't a pervert. 

In Raleigh, NC organizers of a 5k race that encourages women runners to dress like schoolgirls say they have canceled the a race.

Sexy Schoolgirl (two words that should never, ever, ever be in the same sentence). Race organizers told city officials on Thursday they were canceling the race, in part because of the "community controversy" it had created.

Former Raleigh police captain Paula O'Neal, who organizes other races, told the council she questioned the message being sent, especially with the problem of rape and violence against girls in schools and on college campuses.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But this picture is only worth 3. CRAZY, OLD, MAN!

An 85-year-old woman in Bel-Air, California, reportedly flipped her car after it tipped over a high curb near her home.

So naturally she wanted the moment captured forever in a cell phone picture.

In the much gabbed about photo. 
Elizabeth Neufeld can be seen still stuck inside the car, which is flipped onto its side, while her husband, Ben Neufeld, stands outside the vehicle and a man enters through the top side door. 

A passerby apparently took the picture as
 the couple posed.

According to local news in Los Angeles, Ben Neufeld was in their home when he heard a crash out front and noticed neighbors gathering. He came out to check on the commotion and saw his wife in the tipped over blue Honda

Neufeld told the station his wife was "calm as a cucumber." 

"I was concerned of course, but everyone was just standing around and she was chatting with them, so I just joined the conversation," he said. "I didn't do very much. There wasn't much to do."

Trapped but uninjured, Elizabeth asked him to fish the phone out of her purse to take a photo or two...........

Firefighters eventually freed her, and the couple had themselves some dinner.


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