Friday, February 28, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (3-1-2014)

Parents in Sterling, Connecticut town are demanding action by local officials after a man went to a school to pick up his great-grandson and took the wrong child home.

Heres a thought. I have nothing against the elderly. But if Great Grandpa doesn't remember what his Great Grandson looks like, then maybe, just maybe he shouldn't have been sent to pick him up. I'm just saying.......

The 5-year-old boy's mother was among the parents who criticized school officials in Sterling during a board of education meeting Tuesday night.The mother, Angela Stone, says it happened Friday afternoon at Sterling Community School. She says her son refused to get out of the man's car at his home, and the man's wife noticed the mistake. He then drove the boy back to the school.

Stone called school officials incompetent and says they should be disciplined.

School Superintendent Rena Klebart acknowledges mistakes were made and says officials are making changes to prevent it from happening again.

A man arrested Sunday for cocaine possession told police in Key West that he "thought cocaine wasn't illegal in Florida,". He was wrong.

I wouldn't be surprised if George "The new O.J."  Zimmerman is under the same impression. That would explain a lot.

Ignorance aside, authorities still arrested Guy Lanchester, 46, charging him with cocaine possession and felony tampering with evidence. Police say that Lanchester was caught suspiciously tossing a small plastic bag filled with white powder behind a planter.

In fact, cocaine is very illegal in Florida and elsewhere. It is a schedule 2 substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Still, Lanchester told police, "don't understand."

Well, it looks like his proclaimed ignorance got him 3 hots and a cot.

Logan Pearson usually has quiet birthdays. 

The 12 year old from North Andover Mass has severe autism and has difficulty in social situations.

"People have just felt like, 'Well, Logan can’t understand, so we aren’t going to do anything for [his birthday] like other kids,'" according to James Pearson, Logan's father.

This is a disturbing choice. Celebrating my children's birthday's are celebrations of their birth's. Even if they never knew or know, I know. Me and my wife know.

This year, Logan's mother, Catherine Pearson, wanted to let her son know that his 12th birthday deserved an epic celebration. So, in January, Pearson asked her facebook friends to send Logan birthday cards Autism Live reported. 

"This year I want to stop feeling downright upset that my son is aging into a young man under a blanket of autism," she wrote on Facebook, "I want to CELEBRATE him and ENJOY his day.”

The post went viral, and soon, cards and gifts began pouring in some even from complete strangers.

"My boy's loved doing this!!!!!" a commenter wrote on Autism Live's Facebook page. "They thought it was 'so cool' sending birthday cards to a boy that they've never met. They said 'I hope he likes it and it makes him happy!'"

When officers from the Cambridge Police Department heard of Pearson's birthday card request, they decided to go a step further and organized a surprise birthday party for Logan at a Fuddruckers in North Andover. Two dozen police officersfromseveral departments attended.

"This is something that I’ll remember forever. I think the other officers and hopefully the family will remember," Lt. Edward Guy told the station during the party. "We’ve made a friend for life."



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