Monday, February 3, 2014

Is America A Godless Nation?

In a recent state of the nation address Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned the West, including the United States, for eschewing Christian values and opting instead for a “path to degradation.” In essence calling America a "Godless nation".

We can attribute this scathing comment to the lunatic rants of a bitter communist leader who's country's days of being a super power are long gone, or we can ask ourselves the question.
Is America a Godless country?
First, it's important that we define "less". Virtually anything in the English language followed by the word less means that there is an absence of someone or something. 
Words such as regardless (without regard), homeless (without a home), or fearless (without fear) are all words that give the impression of being without.
In the dictionary the word nation is defined as:
a large body of people, associated with a particular territory.
So when Putin alludes to America as a Godless nation that means that he believes that each and every person in the United States is without God.

Over the years America has been in a constant state of change. But of course that is the nature of passing time. Although change is closely associated with progress, the fact of the matter is that change does not always equal progress. Change always means that things are becoming or are already different. There was a time when the American way of life represented the notion that we ALWAYS did what was right regardless of whether there was a direct, tangible benefit to us. In other words we did good and we did what was right because we understood that our benevolence was beneficial to our souls. 
At least, that was the image that America created for itself regardless of what lay buried just below the surface. 
The only difference between America now and the America of 30 years ago is that the methodology has changed and reality is harder to hide.The all important American fasaad has cracks, dents, and gaping holes barely being held together by the myth of American exceptionslism. In this country "right" has become an unending gray area open to interpretation and the world is beginning to take notice.
There are, without a doubt, some godless people in America. Not not all of us. Many of us follow Jesus Christ and try to live and act as he would without putting caveats or exceptions on what it means to be people of God, and without twisting the word of God to suit our own personal agendas.
No, America is not a godless nation. But those who are lost in it need to find God.


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