Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (2-22-2014)

It's no secret that jobs are hard to come by. So when have one, you have to do everything that you possibly can to keep it. So you have to be on time, you have to be a team player, and last but not least, whatever you do, please don't pee in the sink!

 Health officials have temporarily shut down a southern West Virginia pizza restaurant after a district manager was caught on surveillance video urinating into a sink.

A district freakin manager!

Local media reported that the Mingo County health department ordered the Pizza Hut in Kermit, about 85 miles southwest of Charleston, to shut down. Pizza Hut Corp. released a statement saying it was "embarrassed" by the manager's actions. The company says it has "zero tolerance" for violations of its operating standards. The employee was fired. His name was not released.

The manager was caught on video urinating in a sink in the kitchen.

Pizza Hut says the incident occurred after business hours.

City health official Brett Vance says the restaurant is closed until it is thoroughly cleaned and there are reassurances of safeguards in place.


A South Carolina woman spent a night in jail last week for failing to return a video she rented  in 2005.

It was a VHS tape. Of a Jennifer Lopez movie.

Finley, 27, was arrested last week in Pickens County, South Carolina, on a misdemeanor charge of failure to return the video.

The movie, "Monster-In-Law," starring Lopez and Jane Fonda as a feuding potential daughter- and mother-in-law, was rented from a video store, Dalton Videos, that is now out of business.

They arrested her for not returning "Monster In Law?" I could see if it was "New Jack City" or "Beaches".......

Yes, I like "Beaches". SO WHAT!

According to local media sources, Finley was at the county sheriff's office on another matter when an active warrant for her arrest was discovered. Chief Deputy Creed Hashe told the station that the store's owner had asked a Pickens County judge for the warrant years ago when Finley didn't return her video.

Hashe said Finley had been sent several certified letters asking her to turn herself in.

Finley spent the night in jail because her bond hearing couldn't be held until Friday morning. A judge released her on $2,000 bond.

I would never give that video back.

Efforts to reach out to Finley via social media were unsuccessful early. But a woman identifying herself as Finley, and whose profile picture appeared similar to Finley's mug shot, took to a local media outlets Facebook page to defend herself.

She said that after renting the movie she had to move out of state because of her husband's job and that she simply forgot about it.

I guess this means that I have to retune my VHS copy of "Super Fuzz" now.

      Side Bar: The only thing that looks better than the one covered in chocolate is the one cloaked in chocolate.

 A foolish Iowa man has lost his job and unemployment benefits for using a forklift to get a candy bar from a malfunctioning vending machine, state records say.

According to state unemployment records released last month, Robert McKevitt, 27, of Spirit Lake, was working at Polaris Industries' warehouse in Milford when the incident occurred last fall.

McKevitt wanted some candy, so he deposited $1 in a vending machine for a 90-cent Twix candy bar.

He banged it and rocked it, but that didn't work.

I wonder if he thought the golden ticket was in it.

The state records said McKevitt then commandeered a forklift, picked up the machine at least six times and dropped it about 2 feet onto the concrete floor. Three candy bars fell.

McKevitt was fired five days later.

McKevitt told the newspaper recently that he never lifted and dropped the vending machine but did use the forklift to move the machine back in place.

"That machine was trouble," McKevitt said. "They fired me, and now I hear they have all new vending machines there."

In a ruling released last month, a judge denied McKevitt's claim for unemployment benefits, saying he willfully disregarded his employer's interests.

Well, at least he doesn't have to worry about that troublesome vending machine anymore. The only thing that he has to worry about now is making a living........


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