Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby Making Monster

Some people are just not meant to be parents. But unfortunately, just about anybody can procreate. It's one of life's greatest mysteries. Unfit people becoming unfit parents over and over again as if nature turns a blind eye to these low life's. While I do believe that God does not make mistakes, the authorities are failing to protect the innocent lives that he has allowed to be birthed into this world, the results can be disastrous.

Rachel Fryer buried her infant son nearly three years ago, after claiming that she accidentally rolled over on him as they slept. Now the 2-year-old female twin of the deceased infant has been laid to rest as well.

This time, Fryer told Sanford, Fla. police investigators that her daughter had stopped breathing following an asthma attack and so she buried the toddler without calling 911 for assistance. Police officials aren’t buying Fryer’s story and arrested the mom of five on Tuesday, charging her with aggravated child neglect.

The case came to light Feb. 10, when Fryer turned herself in to police and in a startling admission, confessed that she had buried her toddler in a shallow grave in Crescent City, Florida. When investigators went to the burial site, they discovered a leopard print suitcase that had been tossed to the side and a child’s shoe sticking out of a freshly dug gravesite. Upon further investigation, authorities stumbled upon the little girl’s decomposing body.

According to Fryer’s account, she found her daughter to be unresponsive on Feb. 6. After trying to resuscitate the child, Fryer decided to place her daughter’s lifeless body into the suitcase and take it to the Crescent City burial spot.

Just three years earlier, Fryer’s 2-month-old son Tavont’ae Gordon died of mechanical asphyxiation, a co-sleeping fatality, according to a medical examiner. Fryer told investigators at the time that she had fallen asleep and accidentally rolled over on her boy. Even though police determined that the 32-year-old woman had reportedly been under the influence of cocaine at the time, for some strange reason she was not charged for the crime.

Fryer, who is now pregnant, had her children taken away from her by the state after her infant son passed away. The kids were placed in foster care but were returned last November, after the Department of Children and Families and a county judge determined that Fryer could be “trusted” to care for them. 

An arrest warrant reportedly indicated that not only does Fryer have an extensive history of arrests and drug use but the "mom" has also been violent towards her children, using various make shift weapons such as wire hangers, a broom stick and flip-flops to discipline them.

Meanwhile, Fryer’s surviving three children are back in the foster care system, thank God, and she is being held on a $950,000 bail. Which is $950,000 too little. Hopefully she will never get custody of her children again.


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