Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Choices & Mistakes

None of us are perfect people. In fact we were born to make mistakes, unless we are, or just happen to be that unique individual who has never made one. If you are, stop reading this now and seek therapy.

Ok, now that I have weeded out the delusional people who may have been reading this, those of us who live life with our feet firmly planted in reality can continue. The worst thing that we can do is beat ourselves up over our mistakes and live in regret with a bad case of the woulda, shoulda, coulda's. But if you choose to, don't expect everyone around you to play musical chairs at your pity party. We must ask ourselves first and foremost if repeating the same pattern over and over again qualifies as a mistake, insanity, or just bad judgement. I am of the opinion that a pattern represents a personal choice. The reasons or motives behind the choices are a different story entirely.
With that being said, the fact is that certain choices, and mistakes cannot be erased, reset or done over. 
We have to live with them the best way that we can, and not expect the world to have pity, mercy, sympathy, or empathy for us.
The world doesn't owe us anything. But we owe ourselves everything.


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