Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who Killed The Baby?

So, Adrian Peterson's 2 year old son was beaten to death by his mothers low life boyfriend on a Friday, and the whole world wondered why he played football 2 days later. Peterson who is the star running back for the Minnesota, Vikings never even met his son before he was on his death bed in intensive care. Yet the general consensus is that he should have feigned sympathy for a son that he never knew. Let's be honest. If simply fathering a child suddenly gave every man some kind of special emotional attachment. The percentage of African-American households headed by single mothers would not be 75 percent.
I can only imagine how odd it must have been for Peterson to face such an ackward reality. The pressure of being forced by society to conform to social norms that may not even be genuine, and the inevitable guilt that goes along with wondering if, had he played an active role in this child's life, would he still be alive.
This is in no way a sympathetic plea for Adrian Peterson. According to media reports it was only recently that he found out about this little boys existence. That in and of itself speaks to an extreme lack of accountability. To have spilled his seed inside of so many different women that he cannot keep track of which of them bore the fruit of his irresponsibility is quite telling to say the least. For this, Adrian Peterson ultimately bares some of the responsibility for his sons death by not being there to protect him. He failed this child.

This little boy's mother moved in with a man that she obviously didn't know and put her 2 year old sons life in danger in the process. Unfortunately her bad judgement led to deadly consequences.

Police arrested Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, who was initially charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault on an infant. Sioux Falls police said additional charges are being considered. 
Patterson has a prior domestic abuse record with a different woman and child, having pleaded guilty to simple assault in an incident last year involving an adult female and juvenile male.

Sioux Falls police said Patterson recently started a relationship with the mother of the 2-year-old victim. Patterson appeared in court a week later in Canton, S.D. His bond had been set at $750,000 in cash before the boy's death.

Sioux Falls police said the incident was initially reported as a medical emergency.

"As officers and first responders got there, they found child was unresponsive and he was taken to the hospital," police spokesman Sam Clemens said,
"So they ended up calling police about that or letting them know. We had detectives talk to quite a few people to try to figure out what happened. What they ended up finding was that when the injuries happened there was one person with that child, and that person was Joseph Patterson. The injuries they found were head injuries.  It was obvious to medical staff that abuse had taken place and that those injuries weren't accidental."
Clemens said police believe the child's mother was "gone for a short time, and that's when we believe the injury occurred."

Court records show that Patterson has a son with another Sioux Falls woman, and also show that the mother had asked for protection orders twice, claiming he'd choked and punched her, threatened her with a knife and held her in the bedroom against her will. The mother chose not to pursue permanent protection orders, which ultimately were dropped voluntarily in 2010 and 2011. In 2012, Patterson was charged with simple assault against the mother, however, and was ordered to undergo family violence training and to stay away from her until completing it.

Another woman applied for a protection order against Patterson in 2004 in Jackson County, where he attended high school.

This man is a violent felon with an extensive criminal history, and this baby's mother ( a two year old is a baby to me), left him in the hands of a monster.
She failed him.

As for Joseph Patterson, the murderous child killer who sees fit to take his frustrations out on every child that he meets. His soul is required in hell!


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