Friday, December 14, 2012

“You Know Where To Hit Her At."

In Georgia two parents have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for encouraging their daughter to get into a street fight.
Shequita Cade and Timothy Taylor picked up their daughter from school and drove her to a local bus stop so she could fight another child, according to local media. Their daughter is a seventh grader at an Atlanta middle school and got into a fight with Quinnaya Durden, 14.
News of pre-pubescent brawl surfaced when footage of the fight was uploaded to you tube. On the video you can hear Taylor directing his daughter. "Nobody better try to jump in neither” was one statement made by Taylor, he also went on to say. “You know where to hit her at.”
This is parenting at it's worst. If you can call this grand display of ignorance, parenting. I call it disturbing, and even more deplorable than the fight itself.
The two girls were punching each other and wrestling on the ground while an unidentified person video taped to fight. I guess there was an overwhelming desire to record this historic event for both posteriority, and you tube sensationalism. A sensible neighbor finally stepped in and broke up the fight.
Timothy Taylor was arrested and charged with battery for his role in allowing and encouraging the fight. According to the local police, Cade and Taylor stated that the reason they transported their daughter for a fight was because she was being bullied by Durden.
There are mistakes, then there is stupidity. This Is definitely stupidity. Encouraging negativity is the worst kind of parenting. No decent, well meaning father wants to see his little girl get hurt just to prove some twisted point. Both parents deserve jail time, and should be charged with 2 counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, because had the fight continued who knows what would have transpired. This could have easily ended in blood shed, and it would all been uploaded on you tube for entertainment.
Perhaps the saddest thing about this situation is the fact that there is little or no public outrage. Michael Vick made dogs fight, and the whole world came crashing down on him as if he was public enemy number one. But Timothy Taylor intentionally takes his daughter to fight another little girl and some how it's not as bad? The fact that we live in a world where dog's are more valuable than children to some people is a sign of depraved indifference, and misplaced apathy. Just in case you haven't figured out the obvious by now, yes, all involved are African- American, and I will not pretend that this is not part of the reason for a wide spread lack of concern. The fact of the matter is regardless of public sentiment, these parent's are solely responsible for this incident and deserve to pay the price.


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