Sunday, December 9, 2012


There are few certainties in life. We are all familiar with the fact that there are certain things in life that are just inevitable. Change is just as certain and as inevitable as the sun rise, and changing season's. Some fight it, and some refuse to change because they are bound by habit. Even those with habits that seem detrimental to their progress find it hard to move on. It is much easier to stick with a negative routine than it is to make a positive change. I began this writing thinking about some my counterparts, some of whom still live in their own little microscopic piece of the world. This living in compasses each and every facet of their lives, and has left them with no desire for change because of both complacency, and contentment. These feelings are dangerous and do not promote growth in humanity. Especially in African- American's. There are many of us, such as those young men in Chicago who seem bent on self destruction, who live their lives from one day to the next, only concerned with making it through another 24 hours. They don't see the benefits of changing or realize that the possibility actually exist. In all honesty a lot of people just don't want to change, and the fact that other's do, or feel the need to, shakes their very foundation. You could move to another state, marry the love of your life and take yourself out of your comfort zone, all in the name of change for progress, and this will inspire hatred in those who do not have the courage to take the necessary step's to better themselves.
Change starts in your mind. You could move from earth to the moon, and every planet in between, but if you were a psychopath on earth changing your location without changing your mind is a grand exercise in futility. A lot of people
are so arrogant that they actually believe that a change in venue will cause an integral difference in their lives because they refuse to have the slightest bit of accountability. But if you put a monkey on Mars, guess what, it'll still be a monkey. All things must change, all people should change, and there is no progress without change.


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