Saturday, December 29, 2012

1 Per Customer !

When I first heard about Shawty Lo getting his own reality show on Oxygen, my first thought was......who? I couldn't remember a song or anything. But then I realized that reality show's are the last bastions of hope for washed up celebrities A, B, and C list who are hoping to cash in in on name recognition. I guess somebody at the Oxygen network thought that a show about a washed up rapper who swings his penis with reckless abandon must appeal to his regional audience in "west bubble nut" or where ever he used to catch the short yellow bus. But they are wrong. On Thursday it was announced the Oxygen network will air a reality series entitled "All My Baby Mama's". This show chronicles the so called relationship's between 37 year old Lo, the 10 mother's of his 11 children ( 2 of which are 19) and Shawty Lo's 19 year old girlfriend. Apparently this washed up one hit wonder never uses condoms and impregnates each and every woman that he sleeps with, spreading his seed as if it has a "limited time offer", one per customer. According to Oxygen, “All My Babies’ Mamas’ will be filled with outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about.”
In other words, we are producing more garbage for young black women to consume because this is what they like.
Those of us who live in reality know that this is not entertaining, cute, or normal. Those of us who have a shred of sense, dignity, and self respect won't even tune in, and the majority of African-American's agree that this show is nothing but a modern day minstrel show. I could go into detail about irresponsible men, and gullible young women but it is nothing that hasn't already been said. I will resist my desire to explore the psyche of women who know about 9 baby mama's and think that they won't be an addition to that number, due to the fact that it is water under the bridge. But what I will say to all young women is this, if a boy, or a man really thinks that you are as special as he says that you are, he will wait. The fact that you asked him to, will do one of two thing's, it will either make him respect you, or leave. Either decision is beneficial to you because, you've either established yourself as a woman to be respected, or as a women who refuses to be disrespected. We've all heard a thousand times that a guy is only after one thing. This is 100% true, not necessarily right, but true. If a woman is really interested in a guy, opening her leg's will not make him stay. In fact it will drive him away because the mystery is gone seconds after orgasm. Having his baby didn't make him stay with the other's and guess what, your baby won't make him stay either. You have to give him an incentive to stick around. If who you are is not enough then he was never the one anyway. The fact of the matter is, he is trying to get you to relent because other's have. The question is, how many others? It is truly a gamble, and no one should gamble with their lives.
This is a message to men from a seasoned man of a certain age, me. Spilling your seed inside of every woman that you meet does not make you a man. Dog's make babies too. Every man has a mother or a sister or both. What if some man promised them the world but, left them with nothing but shattered dreams, and a damaged heart? Would you want to see them suffer because they were just an undervalued conquest? Of course not. Food for thought. Each time you have intercourse with a different woman it amounts to playing Russian Roulette with your penis. Men everywhere should avoid being Shawty Lo, and young girls should run like as fast as they can if they see a Shawty Lo. This dude really is low.


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