Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop Whining & Go To Work

I had decided that I wasn't going to write about this. But it has really started to annoy me. First people complained about working on Thanksgiving night at Target. Then people started complaining about working on Thanksgiving at Walmart. Now McDonald's employees are complaining about working Christmas, as if they had no idea that some McDonald's are open on Christmas when they took the job.
In this day and age with unemployment at record numbers, and more American's on public assistance than ever before, jobs are a blessing. There are many people who would work the fries, ring up customer's, and stack can's in aisle 3 on Christmas Day. I have worked more than a few Thanksgiving's and Christmas' because I had to feed my family and I had to feed myself. I never complained to supervision. I did what I had to do until my faith and effort put me in a position where I no longer had to work a weekend or a holiday. But up until that time, I did something that is quickly becoming a rarity. I did my job when I was supposed to do my job, and I appreciated the opportunity.
Sam Walton worked tirelessly, and started a business from the ground up, and now Walmart is the largest retail chain in America. He made sacrifices in order to leave a legacy so that his family could thrive. They have the right to run the business built by their patriarch any way they choose. Should they pay a higher wage? Probably so, but they don't and won't for two reason's. 1. Because of the recent economic down turn there are millions of people who will gladly work for what they pay, and there always will be. 2. There is absolutely no incentive for big business to pay a higher wage. It would cause profit loss, and the object of any business is to increase profits.
The McDonald Brother's started McDonalds in the 50's from the ground up and then sold the business to Ray Crock for a hefty sum. Crock expanded the business, and now McDonalds is the largest restaurant chain in the world.
The founder's of both of these American institution's started off with a dream made to come to fruition through drive, hard work and dedication, and should not be demonized for being prosperous. There is a free market, capitalist system in this country in which anyone can participate, build a business, and create a legacy. Granted, this is not an easy task, and it will present a unique set of challenges depending on who you are, your specific needs, and resources, but it is not an impossible feet. A little faith, hard work, a "can do" attitude, and a whole lot of prayer can go a long way. But, there is no such thing as an over night sensation, and there in lyes the problem. We live in an automatic society where immediate satisfaction has become the rule of the day. People want to be paid more right now, and some want to make a maximum amount of progress with a minimum amount of effort. Mathematically it just doesn't add up, or equate to anything but disappointment. There is no progress without struggle, and in corporate America no one will give you anything that will take away from a profit driven bottom line.
Most hiring processes require an interview, a background check, and an offer. Upon being offered any job there is always a briefing in reference to certain caveats which must be agreed upon and understood. Things like hourly wage, scheduling, and a more detailed job description are all discussed. No one has ever been forced to work at McDonalds or Walmart. A job was offered and a job was accepted. Each new employee starts with their eyes wide open, yet some do not choose to see. The only way that anyone can make their shoes hard to fill is if they have an attribute that makes them an indispensable commodity. Until then anyone with a pulse can do the job. So a decision must be made to self improve as opposed to inertia, ineptitude, and apathy. If you want conditions to improve, improve your condition.


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