Saturday, December 10, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (12-10-2016)

In addition to the scourge of fake news now we also have to worry about fake news about toys.
Case in point: A “Happy Hour Playset,” featuring a bar, stools and fake beer bottles, that is supposedly being sold by Fisher-Price, bartender not included.
Make no mistake: The product is fake and only exists in a photo posted Monday on Instagram by Adam Padilla, the owner of a New York branding agency. I'm not exactly sure why this is funny. But apparently someone with excess time on his hands does
Padilla was inspired by seeing his 2-year-old daughter sitting at his kitchen counter like it was a bar.
“It seemed like something someone might do,” Padilla said.
The photo didn’t take off virally until Amiri King, a YouTube comedian based in Kentucky, posted it on Facebook with Padilla’s watermark cropped out.
King’s post of Padilla’s image has been shared more than 40,000 times, mostly by people who understand it’s a joke. 
But some people who believe it is real are accusing Fisher-Price of making an age-inappropriate product.
According to ABC Action News, at least one disgruntled consumer went to Facebook to gripe at Fisher-Price, saying: “Saw this and had to write. What the heck are you thinking? "I hope to heaven nobody buys this for their children, it's sick!"
Whoever handles the Fisher-Price social media account has to have the patience of Job.
According to NBC Connecticut, the company has responded to repeated complaints about King’s image on its Facebook page by saying, "Please know that this product has not been endorsed approved or created by Fisher-Price.” (Even calling it a “product” seems like a stretch, since, again, no one has actually made one of these things.)
Padilla thinks it’s hilarious that some people really believe Fisher-Price created a “Happy Hour Playset.”
“The mischief maker in me is thrilled,” he said. But there is a fine line between a mischief maker and a moron!
This is actually the second Fisher-Price spoof in recent days. Over the weekend, “Saturday Night Live” presented a parody commercial for a fake line of Fisher-Price toys catering to sensitive boys, including a plastic well for staring.

A suspected thief in California was recently caught in a stinky trap after he picked the wrong house to steal from.
The crappy situation played out like this.
 Mike Zaremba, of Riverside, was dismayed after three packages were stolen from outside the front door of his home. Zaremba wanted revenge, so he and his best friend brewed up a really stinky idea.
Zaremba waited until his wife held a birthday party for their Great Dane and then collected the piles of poop left by the 9 dogs in attendance. He neatly packaged the turds and left them in a box on his front porch.
A video surveillance camera rolled as a man, identified by police as 39-year-old Daniel Aldama, wheeled up on a bike and relieved Zaremba of his special package. 
Using the tape as evidence, Ronel Newton, of the Riverside Police Department, reportedly tracked down the alleged turd burglar and took him into custody.
“He dropped it as soon as he found out,” Newton said. “He didn’t want nothing to do with it.”
Interestingly, Zaremba is not the first to stoop to such a crappy trick. Similar stories have been reported in Spokane, Washington and Washington, DC
Porch pirates beware. Tis the season of sharing and a time for surprises, so that next package you grab could very well contain some just deserts.
President-elect Donald Trump acknowledged on Friday that his threat to imprison Hillary Clinton for using a private email server during her time as secretary of state was simply an appeal to win voters. SURPRISE!!!
As Trump spoke at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as part of his post-election “Thank You Tour,” some supporters began chanting “lock her up” which is a common asinine refrain during the Republican convention and Trump’s campaign events. 
“No, it’s okay,” Trump said as the crowd jeered a reference to Clinton. “Forget it. That plays great before the election. Now, we don’t care, right?” 
Translation: I lied to you people to get your votes. But I didn't really mean it.
Trump threatened during the second presidential debate to prosecute Clinton. 
“I didn’t think I’d say this, but I’m going to say it, and I hate to say it, but if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it and we’re going to have a special prosecutor,” he said.
Trump backed away from that claim shortly after the election, telling The New York Times he doesn’t “want to hurt the Clintons.”
“She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways,” Trump said.
That sentiment doesn’t sit well with many Trump supporters. A survey found that 68 percent of Trump voters favor the president-elect appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton.


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