Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (12-3-2016)

“Closing Time,” by Semisonic, is a song so catchy it’s almost criminal.
And the proof comes from a woman in Forest Grove, Oregon, who called police because she was annoyed by “a jack-ass guy” who kept whistling the tune near her house according to Oregon Live.
Cpt. Mike Herb of the Forest Grove Police Department admits he’s not sure why the woman was angry enough to call the authorities.
“It’s not clear if the caller would have been more or less upset if it was a different genre or whether it was just "the talent lacking in the whistling", Herb said.
Take a listen to refresh your ears, but be warned, you may not get it out of your head for a while.
Herb said the whistler was gone by the time officers arrived, but he was located a short time later still whistling “Closing Time.”
He told officers he was upset the woman had told him to shut up. After he was sent on his way, officers noted, he went back to whistling “Closing Time.”
“Closing Time” hit No. 11 in 1998 for Semisonic, and is considered a classic one-hit wonder.
Dan Wilson, the song’s composer, has since written tunes for Adele, John Legend and Taylor Swift, but he may have been a little bit sympathetic toward the woman based on this tweet:
Nobody loves Wi-Fi more than me. I've been look for it everywhere I go, especially since the evil misers at Verizon did away with unlimited data! But there is always that one person who takes things too far.
Iowa City police took a byte out of crime on Tuesday when they arrested a man who allegedly broke into his neighbor’s apartment just to steal her Wi-Fi password, according to an arrest affidavit.
The woman told police she discovered 27-year-old Christopher Cummings inside her apartment after he had broken in through a window.
She told police Cummings lives upstairs and had previously asked for the password, a request she had denied.
Responding officers said Cummings admitted entering his neighbor’s place to steal her Wi-Fi password because she wouldn’t give it to him when he asked.
He was then arrested on a third-degree burglary charge.
Jail records show he has since been released.
A blogger at BarstoolSports had an interesting take on the arrest:
“I sincerely hope this guy gets the book thrown at him and he has to spend 5 years in prison. Not because I think his crime is super heinous. I just want to live in a world where there’s a guy in prison being asked about why he’s in there. Murder? Assault? Grand theft auto? Nah man. I tried to steal my neighbor’s wifi password.”  

You never know what you might see when it comes to social media. One stupid moron is getting dragged on Facebook for what she did to her 5-month-old daughter’s hair. Footage has surfaced of a woman named Zaida Pugh adding a weave to the baby’s hair.................

Starting Early:

The video begins with Zaida doing a tutorial for the box braids she was preparing to put in her daughter’s head. At the beginning of the video, Zaida explains how she doesn’t want to pull her daughter’s edges but continues braiding. Although it sounds unbelievable, unfortunately, it’s true. Zaida really braided gold weave into her daughter’s baby hair.
By the time she finished, the extremely long weave, styled in a bun at the top of her daughter’s hair, appeared to weigh her daughter’s head down. She could be heard saying her “client” was pleased with the new hairstyle, but of course, most social media users strongly disagree. At the end of the video, the camera angle change and it clearly showed how the baby was struggling to hold her head up due to the weight of the hair.


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