Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Police Have The Right To Kill Us?!

Yesterday a white co-worker of mine told me that if a law enforcement officer shoots someone it must be because they were breaking the law. Needless to say that I was angry. In the face of all of the facts and all of the video footage both Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling deserved to be gunned down in the street like animals simply because of a perception. 
This "good, white, southern Christian fundamentalist" co-worker whom I've known for years has no doubt that these two young men deserved to be executed because an officer thought or heard that they were doing something wrong. So I asked myself. How could this "good, white, southern Christian fundamentalist" truly believe that innocent black men deserve to be shot for nothing? Well, besides the fact that he is a fake Christian and a real racist like many others, he, like the vast majority of his kind does not see black people as human. The inability to see us as valuable human beings with lives equal to those of their own is evidence of this attitude. Because if they were, in fact, capable of seperating us from our melinin then the level of outrage would be the same given the fact that a fellow human being had been executed by those who have sworn to protect us. Instead, our outrage amounts to nothing more than a series of inconvenient news cycles that they have to suffer through. The disturbing part is, many of the people with badges and guns have the exact same attitude with far more deadly results than propaganda spouted during Monday morning coffee at work.


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