Saturday, July 9, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (7-9-2016)

A weird North Carolina couple faces charges after allegedly assaulting each other, with pizza rolls..............

Samantha Brooke Canipe, 21, and Brad Scott Beard, 24, were each charged with one count of misdemeanor simple assault, and one count each of wasting perfectly good salty, processed horsdevors.
The suspects allegedly got into a fight at their Gastonia apartment and started throwing pizza rolls at each other. A motive in the incident remains uncertain.

Beard faces 60 days in jail and Canipe faces 30 days in jail.

In this photo released July 5, 2016 by the Boston Police Department, stacks of money totaling about $187,000 that were left in a taxi are displayed in Boston. 

Boston police say a man who left about $187,000 in cash in a taxi has been reunited with his money thanks to an honest cabbie.

Raymond "Buzzy" MacCausland picked up a fare on Saturday at the corner of Tremont Street and Massachusetts Avenue.

At one point the man got out of the cab to meet a friend intending to come back and left a backpack behind.

MacCausland waited 30 minutes before going to the man's hotel to look for him. When he couldn't find him, he looked in the bag for identification. His was surprised to find three bundles of $50 and $100 dollar bills. Like a moron, he immediately drove to police headquarters to turn in the cash.

It turns out the man had inherited the money.

For his trouble all Macausland got was a lousy $100 reward! SMH!

Like millions of computer geeks all over the world, James Newman has gone to great time and expense building his own computer.

But the 55-year-old British software engineer’s machine is way different than other home-built models.

Newman’s computer, actually a megaprocessor, takes up a whole room in his house in Great Shelford.

“I spent around three hours a night working on it and I’ve had to take all the books and shelves and sofas out of my lounge,” he told SWNS. “I’m lucky because it’s quite a big lounge but I’ve had to put everything else in my spare room.”

In total, it cost more than $51,000 over a five-year period.

“I didn’t plan on spending [that much money]at the start. It grew as time went by and I got a bit more ambitious,” he said.

He admits, “If I had a wife she’d probably have left me by now.”

What did he get for efforts? Not much. It’s a million times slower and has a million times less memory than a typical desktop, according to South West News Service.

Oh, and you can only play Tetris on it.

Somebody get him a woman!


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