Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guilty For Being White.

Manhattan school is among a number of other elite private schools that teach White students to feel guilty about receiving benefits in society for the color of their skin — which is also known as White Privelege"......................

According to local media sources, students at the Bank Street School For Children are separated by race for lessons on diversity. White students, starting from age 6, are told “they’re born racist.” Meanwhile, in other rooms, students of color are “taught to feel proud about their race” before returning to the main classroom, munching on cupcakes and other treats.

The concept is as interesting as it is controversial. But I don't believe that racism is embedded in a child's DNA. It is a learned behavior.

White parents, even liberal ones, are angry that the K-8 school makes their children feel guilty about being White. 

Some have managed to obtain the schools slide presentation, "novel approach to fighting discrimination,” operated by Bank Street’s Director of Diversity

Wahi, who has been described as a “longtime social activist,” referred questions about the program to the school’s communications office. But there has been no response to its request for comments.

A handout that Wahi sent to parents, which explained that the school gives students of color “a space to talk about shared experiences” in a society that discriminates against them.

But white guilt is something that can never be taught and even sustained because we live in a country that was designed, and built on the concept of white privelege. 



  1. I'm not certain that I like the school's concept. Do you happen to have the handout that was sent to the parents of the children? I think that I am ensnared on the word "guilt". To have the White children feeling "guilty" for being White would also imply, for me, that the Black children should feel "guilty" for being Black. Where do the Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and others fit in??? It is not only the Whites who attempt to use "White Privilege"--some of these other groups are die-hard racists, too. LOL--one of my acquaintances is a Puerto Rican, just as dark as I am. I noticed that she always aligned herself with the White women in the office, so I asked her straight out if she considered herself Black or White---she was astounded and she said "White". I held my arm out against her arm---she stalked off--never spoke to me again. Wonder how this school would handle those people who are visually Black, but consider themselves White? (Ah, but that's a story for another day.) I'm thinking that the "mutual respect" model might be more suitable than the "guilt" model. BLack or White, I think that I would pull my child out of that school.

  2. Funny you should ask. I'll been trying to get a copy of the hand out. Making black kids feel guilty wouldn't serve a purpose. They are not likely to be in a position to oppress anyone or prosper under a system of racism.