Sunday, February 21, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (2-21-2016)

A photo has gone viral on Imgur of this poor sap looking terrified because his blonde crazy girlfriend gave him this shirt.

It's kind of cute to be dating someone crazy, right? At first? Like, oh! She’s sassy and has a temper, and isn’t afraid to put you in your place when you’re being a total douche bag. You like it! At first........RIGHT?!??

Maybe not so much!

Crazy girls are a challenge and quick to attract. But the cuteness starts to evaporate when she starts doing really weird things like keying your car after you talk to a female customer at work or calling your mom to make sure you’re actually at her house for dinner. Before you know it, you’re filing for a restraining order and sleeping with a bat underneath your bed.

If anyone knows about crazy girls, it’s this guy.

Is it a Valentine’s Day joke? We hope so but based on the crazy eyes featured in this t-shirt, we’re going to guess that’s a no. Run, run far far away, before it’s too late.

Daredevils recently scaled a skyscraper in China to take what may be the ultimate self-portrait.

The "On The Roofs" collective took the elevator to the top floor of the Shun Hing Square tower in Shenzhen and busted through what looked like a locked door. They then climbed to the top of a spire, 1,260 feet above the ground, and took a selfie.

"On the roofs" is officially made up of Russian and Ukrainian photographers Vitaliy Raskalov, 21, and Vadim Makhorov, 25. The duo were joined by Ivan Burkuss for the latest stunt, Mashable reported. 

It's not known whether they had permission to scale the building, which is the 28th tallest in the world.

Previously, the group scaled the Shanghai Tower, the world's second tallest building at 2,073 feet, and the 390 foot high Moscow Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine.

For six years, a building supervisor in Spain quietly collected a $41,500 salary from his local government without showing up for work. 

A lot of people are at work and never really show up anyway so......

And he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for him getting an award for his 20 years of loyal service.

Joaquín García, 69 was recently fined $30,000 for the extended paid vacation from a water treatment plant in Cádiz -- the maximum penalty government officials could deliver, the BBC reported.

According to deputy mayor Jorge Blas, it wasn’t until Garcia was due to be recognized for his hard work in 2010 that authorities realized his office was sitting vacant.

"I wondered whether he was still working there, had he retired, had he died? But the payroll showed he was still receiving a salary," Blas told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

“I called him up and asked him, ‘What did you do yesterday? The month before, the month before that?’ He didn’t know what to say,” Blas said.

Garcia's water company coworkers thought the plant was being overseen by local authorities because they hadn't seen Garcia in so long.

Garcia’s attorney, speaking on his behalf, reportedly blamed bullying at his workplace for his absence. He also said there was no work to do.

People close to Garcia told El Mundo that he dedicated himself to reading philosophy instead and that he did not report the bullying out of fear that he could be fired.

Garcia retired after the allegations came to light, though he denies wrongdoing.

In the end, a court sided with the government, recently ordering him to pay the five-digit fine.

Garcia has since petitioned to the deputy mayor not to pay the fine and to have the judgment reviewed, The Local reported.


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  1. Well, the guy looking sad should run. There is only heartache and possible death for him (some of these women really ARE crazy.) I don't know what to say about the "daredevils" who climb tall buildings--I'm afraid of heights--so, I think that they are crazy, too. Now, the worker who did not show up for work for 6 years and received a pay check is to be commended. I know that it's not the right thing to have done, but WHO was supervising HIM? After all someone was about to give him an award for his "20 Years of Loyal Service." That is hysterical!! Oh, well--now he has a fine for $30,000, but it was fun while it lasted. :)