Sunday, February 28, 2016

Are Today's Children Going Crazy?!

We've all done stupid things when we we're children. But unfortunately in this day and age children who do stupid things pay a much steeper price than we did. The most we had to worry about was dention, suspension, or our parents getting a call. Those days are long gone.

Three 12-year-old girls in Florida are facing charges after they allegedly poured red pepper into a middle school teacher's soft drink.

The girls were arrested Friday night.

Volusia County sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson says one of the girls was angry because teacher Jayne Morgan had disciplined her Monday. The next day, she brought the crushed red pepper from home and grabbed Morgan's open can of soda.

Davidson says a second girl poured the pepper into the can while the third girl distracted Morgan.

When Morgan took a drink, she began choking and experienced shortness of breath. She discovered the pepper flakes when she poured the soda into a clear cup.

The girls are charged with tampering with a consumer product and poisoning.
A 12-year-old is charged in northern Virginia with threatening her school with a social media message using emojis of a gun, a bomb and a knife.

Emoji symbols, used on mobile devices, sometimes replace words.

The student at Sidney Lanier Middle School in Fairfax posted an Instagram message in December. It contained the words "Killing" and "meet me in the library Tuesday."

According to a search warrant, the girl acknowledges she posted the messages under another student's name. She's charged with threatening the school and computer harassment.

Her mother says the girl posted the messages in response to being bullied in school, and is "a good kid' who's "never been in trouble." The mother says the girl shouldn't have been charged. In the bible is says that each generation is wickeder and wiser. Although there is very little evidence of wisdom in either one of these stories. The idea is that each generation is able to come up with ideas that are both more wicked and more creative. But my repetitive question is. Where are their parents?


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