Sunday, March 22, 2015

Police Beat Mom!

A mom living in the Bronx borough of New York City was trying to teach her young son a valuable lesson about why stealing is wrong. She petitioned the help of people who should know best "New York’s finest" when she ended up being handcuffed herself, proving that calling the NYPD to teach your child a lesson is like Russian roulette, a risk that could bring you pain.

According to the report, 29-year-old Tyeesha Mobley called 911 to ask the police to come talk to her son, but instead she was arrested and one of the officers told her “you black bitches don’t know how to take care of your kids,” her lawsuit claims.

Mobley is filing a suit against New York City, the Police Department and the Administration for Children’s Services after, she alleges, she was handcuffed and roughed up and had her two young children taken away from her for four months because of her request.

“She was simply trying to make sure her son stayed on the right path,” Attorney Philip Sporn told DNAinfo New York. “This shouldn’t happen to anyone, let alone to a good mom with her kids.”

It all started last April when Mobley discovered that her 9-year-old son, Tyleke, had taken $10 out of her purse. She decided to enlist some help, and a police dispatcher sent over four cops, who met with the 9-year-old and his 4-year-old brother at a gas station near their apartment.

According to Mobley, things were going well at first. “They started asking Tyleke what did he take,” Mobley testified at an October hearing. “He told them. And about three officers was joking around with him, telling him, ‘You can’t be stealing; you’ll wind up going in the police car.’”

However, the fourth responding officer wasn’t happy about the assignment. Mobley claims in her lawsuit that the officer said, “‘You black bitches don’t know how to take care of your kids. ... You need to call the kids’ father, not us. ... We can’t raise your kids. ... Why are you wasting our time? We aren’t here to raise your kid. ... Why don’t you take your f--king kid and leave?’”

When the mother attempted to leave, the officer stopped her and said she was being arrested. When she asked on what grounds, the officer allegedly responded, “‘If you’re going to say another f--king word, I’m going to knock your teeth down your throat.’”

Mobley says she was then cuffed and thrown against a squad car and kicked in her legs.

“All I was saying is, ‘Please stop, you’re hurting me; my kids is there,’” she said. The boys were allegedly crying and begging the officer to stop.

According to the lawsuit, a female officer in the squad car told the officer that that was not how they were supposed to act, but the arresting officer reportedly said, “‘Black bitches like that ... this is how I treat them.’”

Mobley and her kids were taken to a police station in separate cars. The mother, who had to be taken to the hospital to treat bruising on her legs, ended up being charged with child endangerment. She fought the charges for months before a judge finally dismissed the case.

During all of this, her children were in foster care, where, the lawsuit claims, the foster mother spoke only Spanish. Her youngest son suffered a bad burn while in her care and Tyleke had multiple asthma attacks.

The NYPD has not commented on the lawsuit, according to DNAinfo New York.

Here's the thing, had this child's father been around this kind of disrespect and brutality far less likely because, 1. He could have acted as disciplinarian, and 2. There is a possibility that the officers at the seen would have respected their family unit. No, I don't know what the situation is in reference to the fathers whereabouts. But for Mobley to call the cops their is an indication of absence. Although there is no excuse for the way that these officers behaved, we must always be aware of who we're dealing with.........



  1. The cop had no right to treat Ms. Mobley in that manner, or say what he said to her. I'm glad that she is suing him because he was definitely not protecting and serving--and what happened to the other cops? I guess they just let their fellow officer rant and rave. (Let me ask you this question because I think that you have police background: when did BLACK mothers start calling the police when their children misbehaved? Do police even have TIME for that? I would think that Ms. Mobley presently has no credibility with her children; and since she has given away her authority to the police in regard to her children--she doesn't have authority, either. It's been a few decades, but my mother let me know by way of the switch when my behavior was not to her liking. (My father would talk you to death and I sometimes wished that he would just whip me and get it over with.) I think that Black people should think twice when calling the police---in the Midwest several months ago, a Black family called the police for their sister--they claimed that they wanted the police to transport her to the local hospital. She was suffering from mental illness--somehow the police ended up shooting and killing her. It would seem that the police would have come with a police social worker, or an officer trained in assisting the mentally ill. I remember that when a friend came back from Viet Nam--he called the Viet Cong "gooks". He said that they all looked alike and that he did not consider them "human". I think that is what the average non-Black cop (and non-Blacks in general) think of us: we are not considered human; we can be disrespected and killed on a whim.

  2. Though she probably had good intentions, calling the cops on her son was a HORRIBLE idea, and the fact that she did so gave the police reason to belie that she is an incompetent mother. Her actions cost her credibility. I have never heard of a mother calling the cops on their child for "normal" discipline, and as far as I am concerned it should be a last resort instead of a go to option. When I was a kid I feared my father more than the police. But that was because I had a present father. Nothing gave them the right to beat Mobley & a lot of non-white cops do see us as sub-human. While some of the black ones fall in line under the illusion of inclusion and support their cronies, so they wouldn't dare speak up!

  3. In regard to cops not speaking up when they see a fellow officer doing something wrong--they would have to endure TWO wars--one with the Police Department. I may have told you that I was speaking to a friend who is a policeman. I asked him why all of the cops, (even if there are 50 of them) shoot the perpetrator of the crime all at once. Do you know what he said? He said that it would "look bad" if he was not shooting, even though the other cops were. (I had referenced a Black man with a knife in Manhattan. The cops kept telling him to put the knife down, he continued to hold it--I don't know whether he lunged at anyone--but the cops surrounded him and shot him. There were several cops, so I don't know why they all had to shoot him.) There was actual video, so it was up close and personal and I think that most of the cops were White.

  4. What your cop friend says is quite interesting. Disturbing but interesting. I didn't hear anything about that story but I'll look into it.