Wednesday, March 25, 2015

NYC Cop Raped Teen

The NYPD vetting process has a crack in it the size of the Grand Canyon. It has to because somehow criminals keep slipping through it. There seems to be no shortage of moraless criminals on the payroll,

A seven-year veteran of the NYPD, who just happens to be a part time pastor, has betrayed both God, and the public trust. His crime? Raping a -16 year old girl!.

Vladimir Sosa, 38, raped the teen after meeting her at a church where he volunteers as pastor. Sosa, who has no prior record, was arrested Tuesday morning at the 43rd Precinct in the Bronx. He was charged with rape, criminal sex acts, sexual misconduct, child endangerment, and sex abuse.

Sosa reportedly raped the teen three times in a year.

The incident was brought to police attention after the victim’s mother found evidence on the teen’s phone.

Sosa will return to court on April 17 and is expected to be suspended without pay. 


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