Monday, August 25, 2014


I have always been both amazed and dumbfounded by foolishness. First there was the cinnamon challenge in which clowns, and random lunatic's who are starving for attention, ate spoons full cinnamon. Their mouths dried out, some of them choked, others got lung damage, and none of them accomplished anything besides proving to the world that they don't have one bit of good sense.
The latest ridiculous stunt is called the ice bucket challenge in which people wastes gallons of ice cold water by dumping it on each other for charity. Mayor's are doing it, movie stars are doing it, and former President's are talking about doing it. All while children on the continent of Africa suffer because they have little or no drinking water. The practice of idioticy always seems to turn into the latest fad or craze but we must remember that not all of us are blessed enough to be American's. Those who lack what others of us choose to waste would be glad to have 1 drop of the ice cold water poured over some fools head.


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