Sunday, August 3, 2014


The Bible says in Thessolonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing". But the fact is, when things in our lives are going good, and everything is right with the world, many of us cease to pray. We forget about the problems that we had last week and we start skipping church on Sunday's. We get swept up in our victory this week, and we give God the glory for the moment. But we do not commit to the effectual fervent  prayer the same way we did when we were in the midst of our storm. Many of us put God in a box marked "In case of emergency break glass", and we use him only when we think we need him. I use the word we because I am guilty, and I am not ashamed to admitt it. The shame in admitting to any mistake lies in the inability to learn from it. This inability is indicated by the fact the the mistake is made repeatedly with virtually no attempt to correct the behavior. As Christians, adults, and human beings we must grow, and part of that growth means that we must be willing to realize, recognize, and understand how to change.

Pray without ceasing! We need to praise God and give him the glory at all times for the blessings in our lives, and the storms that have made us stronger. Our prayer, praise, and worship can be done in happiness and times of heavy-heartedness. It is easy to pray when all Hell is breaking loose in our lives because we are looking for a way out. But it takes faithfulness to pray when all of our blessing are pressed down, shaking together, and running over. 

Keep in PRAYING!



  1. I start every day with a prayer and end every night with a prayer. I must say that sometimes, because of what has happened during the day, I really don't feel like praying and sometimes I don't see a result. However, I thank God for all of the things that he has healed me from (broken neck, cancer, meningitis and stroke) and then I am ashamed of my doubt. God has been good! Tomorrow, our choir is singing the song "God's on Your Side"--I know, even when I'm feeling down that there is much for which I can be thankful.

  2. The Lord has really been good to you!
    You are a miracle with a testimony that should inspire many!