Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-30-2014)

They say everything is big in Texas, apparently that also includes doses of crazy too!

A Texas babysitter was arrested after setting fire to the house of children she said “lacked respect.”

Martha Dehr had pleaded not guilty to arson charges. The house fire occurred on August 9 at an Austin home belonging to Glenn Williams.

Dreher had been babysitting williams four children -- two preteen girls and 5-year-old twin boys -- for several months, KVUE reports. On the night of August 9, the daughters were on vacation with their father, and Dreherwas babysitting the two boys at their mother’s house,

The babysitter told police that she went to Williams’ residence at about 9 p.m. to get some popcorn. Police say that security cameras show that the fire started about 25 minutes after she got there, and that the blaze was escalating as the babysitter drove away.

Dreher allegedly told cops she “never saw a fire.”

According to Williams, his teenage son noticed the fire when he returned home that night, and that whoever set it had closed the doors of the girls’ bedrooms as if to contain the fire to those rooms.

“It was definitely a vendetta against the two girls," the children’s father told the local media. “Before I left, she had taken the girls clothes shopping, and she said that it was horrible, that my oldest had been very disrespectful to her and she didn't think it was a good match and she probably didn't want to do this anymore."

But this dumb dad let her babysit them anyway?!

Though Drehey denied setting any fires, she allegedly described the girls to investigators as “out of control, lacking respect for her and having disciplines issues,” according to documents obtained by The Statesman.

You can lose your keys, you can lose your money, and you can even lose your mind. BUT whatever you do, DON'T LOSE GRANDMA!

Airlines misplace luggage all the time, but Southwest Airlines is coming under fire for losing a passenger.

After visiting her daughter, Alice Vaticano, 85, was flying home to Denver from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

A skycap working on behalf of Southwest Airlines promised to take Vaticano in her wheelchair directly to her gate, but actually abandoned her along the way. Vaticano missed her flight and was stuck in Newark for 11 hours.

"She pushed me there and left me." “I was just sitting all day in a wheelchair.”

Vaticano, who has diabetes was confined to her wheelchair without food or a chance to use the restrooms, before she was finally noticed by airline employees, according to her daughter, Donna Vaticano.

“Where was she? What happened to her? These are people’s jobs,” Donna Vaticano said.

Southwest Airlines blamed Vaticano's loopy layover to a processing error in the check-in process.

"It did not alert our employees at the gate to her special need (wheelchair) in boarding the aircraft,” a spokesperson told the local media.

After Southwest realized the mistake, Vaticano was placed on a connecting flight through Chicago to Denver.

The airline also claimed it gave her a heartfelt apology and $200 worth of airline vouchers.

Just an FYI......just because you decide to do something stupid that doesn't mean that you should make a child do it.

A grandfather in Houston, Texas (BIG DOSE OF CRAZY),  may be in trouble with the law after allegedly making his 10-month-old granddaughter take the ice bucket challenge........

Earlier this week, Reggie Stewart posted a video of himself taking the ice bucket challenge. While he is challenging others, the granddaughter sits in a walker trying to grab the bucket full of ice.

"I've been called out for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge… and my granddaughter … is going to do it with me," he said a few seconds before dumping the freezing water on himself and the child.

The video ends before the girl's reaction can be seen, but the sight of a little girl being drenched with at least a gallon of chilly water left a burning impression on Claude Dalcour, who claims to be the girl's father.

"I was shocked, appalled. It brought me to tears, like I was hurt, angry. That's all I can say". "It's abuse because my daughter is an infant. She doesn't know what's going on."

Dalcour said he is still married to the girl's mother, but the two are separated.

Grandfather Makes 10-Month-Old Take Ice Bucke...

Dalcour said he reported the video to local law enforcement officers, who have reportedly visited Stewarts home to check on the child’s welfare.

The Texas Department of Children and Families was also contacted, but the agency would not confirm whether it isinvestigating the allegations.

Stewart has not been charged with any crime, the station reports.

Stewart has not responded to media inquiries, but has since removed the video from his page.


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