Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is This How They Really Feel?!

There are moments when our suspicions are confirmed. Times when there is indisputable, concrete proof validating what we already knew. There would be some small measure of joy in this satisfaction if it proved a theory that wasn't so detrimental  to the public.

The actions of the officer in this footage are not only revealing but telling, and probably quite typical.

A suburban St. Louis police officer who threatened to kill media members as he pointed his high-powered rifle at a group of people filming Tuesday night’s protests in Ferguson, Mo., has been suspended after video of the incident went viral Wednesday.

The St. Ann, Mo. police officer, who told one man his name was “go f--- yourself,” has been “relieved of duty and suspended indefinitely” for his “inappropriate” actions, the St. Louis County Police Department told the local media.

The officer was later identified as Lt. Ray Albers, a 20-year veteran of the force.

In the minute-long video clip, the portly, bald police officer is seen pointing his semi-automatic assault rifle at crowds of people walking along a Ferguson street just before midnight last Tuesday. The officer has since been suspended indefinitely.


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