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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (1-4-2013)

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Underwear heiress Candice Feinberg 39, claims her husband convinced her to give him $744,000 she thought was for gambling debts, when in fact the cash was for his mistress.

I'm surprised that he had the nerve to ask his wife for $744,000 to pay off gambling debts. But I guess it sounds better than asking her for money for his mistress.

A $10 million lawsuit filed by the New York woman against her spouse says she was led "to believe that her husband, Steven Lalicata, whom she had recently married, owed large gambling debts to members of organized crime. Through a series of coordinated communications, they led her to believe that his physical well-being would be in jeopardy if she did not make huge amounts of cash available to him on short notice."

Feinberg's father, Herbert Feinberg, is "credited with inventing seamless panties," according to media reports.

I always wondered who the mastermind behind seamless panties was.

The suit also names Lalicata's alleged mistress, Diana Fernandez. 

Oscar Holt, Fernandez's attorney says that Fernandez and Lalicata were “just friends.”

Feinberg's lawsuit tells a very different story, alleging that Fernandez sent her a text that said "Your husband is in my house right now…he sucks the habichuelas [beans] right out of my a--. Squeaky clean now…”

That just proves that you can't put a price on class. 

The couple was married in 2011 and the suit was filed in June of 2012, but reported this week.

                He's serious too.

This was one on my favorite feel good stories of 2013.

San Francisco became Gotham City this past November. Make-a-Wish helped 5-year-old Miles Scott, who has battled leukemia for years fulfill his dream of becoming Batkid. All over the city, fans came out to cheer him on, and they shared support and snaps on Instagram using the hashtag #sfbatkid. Batkid was spotted driving around in his Batmobile Lamborghini and rescuing a damsel in distress from the cable car tracks. If Batkid's little brother dressed up as Robin, and even President Obama congratulated Batkid on saving Gotham. 
Did you rescue anyone when you were five?

It's no secret that The Police use "unconventional" methods to get the results they want from a suspect. But it usually involves beatings, coercion or some form of mid evil torture, (allegedly).
But one Police Department in India has taken it to a whole new level.

The thought of eating 96 bananas is not too appealing. A-peal-ing.......But that is exactly how many bananas an accused thief in India was fed to help him pass a gold chain through his bowels.

According to The Times India, 28-year-old Damu Gupta was riding a train from Mumbai to Gondia on Dec. 22. During the lengthy trip, Gupta snatched a gold chain from a doctor who was also a passenger, according to police.

The victim, identified as Dr. Sheetal Kamble, of the Akola district, cried out for help, prompting several passengers to chase Gupta. The suspect was quickly cornered, but denied stealing the chain. However, one of the passengers claimed they had witnessed him swallowing something, prompting police to conduct a thorough search.

"We initially conducted a regular X-ray but it didn't detect anything. So on [Dec. 25] we conducted an ultrasound which revealed the chain in Gupta's abdomen," 

Merry Christmas!

Sampat Nirmal, a senior inspector with the Government Railway Police in Kalyan, told The Times of India.

Rather than wait for the 11-gram gold chain to naturally pass through Gupta's system, authorities reportedly fed him 96 bananas to help it along on it's travels. The following day, investigators recovered the chain from the suspect's feces.

Personally, I don't think I would want that chain any more.

After the recovery of the chain, Gupta allegedly told police he swallowed the chain because he was afraid of getting beat up by the other passengers. 

Authorities have not said how Gupta felt after consuming some eight dozen bananas in 24 hours. 

Probably not good.

According to eatingtoomany bananas can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

"They are typically considered a healthy food, but it is possible to eat too many," the website states. "How much is too many depends on the individual's needs for certain vitamins and minerals, but eating too many bananas can have unpleasant side effects."

The side effects, according to the website, include, headaches, nerve damage and hyperkalemia, a condition that can cause an irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrest.


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