Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Killing Her Wasn't On The Menu."

I believe that everybody has a limit, and when they are pushed to that limit anybody is capable of anything. The human mind is a complex organ with incredible depth an a propensity toward unpredictability in times of crisis.

A Dallas man who police say admitted to killing his mistress after she revealed that she was HIV positive told police, "She killed me, so I killed her."

Larry Dunn, who has not yet tested positive for HIV, visited Cicely Lee Bolden's home for unprotected sex one last time in September 2012, and then took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed Bolden in the neck as she laid in bed, according to his video testimony that was played in court at his murder trial.

Her body was reportedly discovered by her two young children in bed, naked from the waist down."She didn't see it until it was in her throat," Dunn reportedly told police. "She wasn't very strong."

If convicted, Dunn, who said he was worried he infected his wife, faces up to life in prison in the killing. His attorney reportedly will try to prove he acted with "sudden passion," which carries a 20-year sentence.

Dunn initially denied killing Bolden when he was initially confronted by police, the report said.

Brian Tabor, a Dallas detective, reportedly told the court that Dunn was convincing, but he continued pressing the suspect because of his likely connection. He reportedly admitted to the crime in a second interview.

"I wanted to make her pay," Dunn said in the recorded interview. "Killing her wasn"t on the menu. That's just how it ended up."

This should serve as a cautionary tale to anyone who is contemplating taking on a mistriss or a mister. Each and every time you "step out" on your spouse and have  sex with a stranger (and most of the time they are strangers because you really don't know them), you run the risk of contracting HIV or the AIDS virus. You put yourself, and your spouse in danger. Lust should never override common sense. Because the result can be deadly.


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