Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TFJ (Tips For Jesus)


What would the holiday be without a feel-good story about someone who understands that it is better to give than to receive.
The exuberantly benevolent service-industry do-gooder Tips Fior Jesus swept into New York City leaving a $3500 tip for a servor at the Lincoln Square location of The Smith. TFJ also had a busy weekend, leaving behind a total of $8,000 in tips!

He left a $7,000 tip on a $2,994.61 Friday night dinner bill at NoMad (lots of roasted chicken with foie gras, I assume), which the restaurant confirmed. Also, it looks like he splurged on a @tipsforjesus stamp!

Then, he left $1,000 on a $111.05 bill at Bo's Kitchen and Bar Room.

While it is not known who this generous and obviously wealthy tipster is, I am sure that his/her good deeds are bringing holiday cheer to those who have benefited.


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