Tuesday, December 24, 2013

3 Little Heroes

There is no shortage of stories about kids doing the wrong thing. So much so that I find myself having to make a conscious effort not to write about them. So it is extremely important that we take time to acknowledge those who choose to do what is right.

Mayor Jim Fouts of Warren, Michigan honored three young boys who found a box belonging to a church containing $100 while they were playing in a park, according to the local media. The trio was lauded on last week for their exemplary honesty in a town where the crime rate is considerably higher than the national average.

The trusty trio of grade schoolers consisted of Jason Burgess, 10, Malachi Shelton, 10, and LaMont Kirkesy, 7 . When the boys  stumbled upon the box, Burgess took it home to his grandmother, Carol Fame. When Fame examined the contents of the box, she discovered a check that had been made out to First Church of Jesus Christ for $10.

How many of you reading this right now would have turned that money in at age 7 or 10? Back in my day, being a chubby little kid in Brooklyn I would have probably bought "Now and Laters", penny candies, and "Garbage Pale Kids" cards for my whole class. But not these boy's.

The donation box and its contents were returned to its rightful owner and  according to the church’s grateful pastor, Rev. Charles Locklear,  the monies had been earmarked for Christmas services.

Meanwhile Mayor Fouts presented the boys with mayoral resolutions at city hall for their good deed. “What a wonderful Christmas gift you have given to all of the young people in the metro area,” the mayor said. “And that is you serve as models of honesty and integrity.”

The three young men said that they plan to frame their prestigious commendations and place them on a wall in their house for everyone to see.


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