Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Will he move back? Would you move back?

Timika Rutledge-German finally accepted there was only so much she could do to protect her 15-year-old son Cornelius German, from Chicago's dangerous streets, but when he called for her help, she knew she would go. On Monday night, her son called her for a ride home.

Minutes later, as he lay dying on the South Side of Chicago from a bullet wound to the back, her son called out for her one last time. "Call my mama," he cried out, she later learned. But she could not help him this time. Her son was pronounced dead at 12:50 a.m. Tuesday at the Cook County medical examiner's office, and no one was in custody for his homicide Tuesday evening.

Cornelius is the second 15 year old in the passed 2 months who was murdered 4 blocks away from President Obama's home in Chicago. In February Hadiya Pendleton an honor student, volleyball player, and a majorette in The King College Prep High School Band was also murdered, just weeks after participating in several events during President Obama's inaugural celebration.

Given the fact that the President himself is the father of two young girls who will be well into their teens by the time he finishes his second term, I have to wonder if he will resume residence in his home in Chicago.
I would venture to say no. Regardless of the fact that he will have a lifetime of Secret Service protection, there is no reason why he should or would put his family or his girls in harms way. Especially given the fact that he can choose 49 other states to live in. Most of which have a significantly lower murder rate.

I would NEVER return to Chicago if I were him. What sane person would?


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