Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Changing The Baby

Most communities, or cultures have eccentricities. Some a little stranger than others. Most, of them are rooted in myth and misconception. Others have been practiced, or observed for so long that their validity is not questioned or challenged, but embraced as fact.

The Black community is no different. There are a few long held beliefs when it comes to babies that have been passed on from generation to generation that are not based on facts.

1. Massaging or squeezing a baby's head in order to reshape it or make it smaller.
Not only does this not work, but putting that kind of pressure on a babies delicate skull can cause severe damage.
The only way to insure that your baby will have a "normal" sized head, is to make sure that his father has a "normal" sized head. Otherwise be happy with the gift that God has given you. He NEVER makes mistakes.

2. Pinching a babies nose with a clothes pin in a desperate attempt to make it smaller, or narrower.
This obviously hurts the baby and can damage nasal passages. In addition, choosing vanity over a child's well being does not help them, it gives them a false sense of reality, and fosters an innate sense of insecurity. No child should ever think that one of their parents disliked the way they looked so much that they were willing to hurt them to change their appearance.

3. This is probably the most popular one of all. Taping a quarter over a babies navel.
If a child is born with an "outie",nothing can change it. Nature will always win. The best thing that any new mother can do is keep her quarters in her pocket and put them towards pampers and milk.


Side Bar: Stop squeezing my head!!!!

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