Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard it All News

An idots ill-judged attempt at taking a selfie with a captured python didn’t go entirely to plan.
He moved in to snap a photograph of himself alongside the serpent  department officials had removed it from a hotel in Mount Abu, northwestern India, on Friday.
But as the unidentified man posed for the picture, the snake rose up and bit him on the shoulder.
A passerby capt
ured the scary incident on camera and posted the footage online. 
Incredibly, the man managed to immediately run away and only sustained minor injuriesOfficials later removed the snake from the area. Its current location is not known.
Things could have been much worse for the selfie-taker, however. Footage emerged last week, showing a rock python swallowing an entire antelope in the western state of Gujarat.

A Connecticut man may be guilty of the worst parking job in recorded history: eight freak'in feet off the ground.
Plainville police said the man was driving his girlfriend’s Saturn LS when he lost control, sped over a rock island, went air born and broke through a fence, according to NBC Connecticut.
The unidentified driver ended up smashing into a building eight feet in the air.
A few minutes earlier and about a mile away, police had pulled over the man on suspicion of drunk driving. But he took off when officers told him to put the car in park. The fact that he actually thought that he could out run police in a Saturn if proof that he was drunk as far as I'm concerned. 
Although the crash put him in a precarious position, the driver managed to climb out and run away again. He was probably running away from his third strike.
This all happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday. The suspect managed to avoid police until that afternoon, when officers tracked him down at a local hospital where he was being treated for injuries.
Officers are applying for an arrest warrant for this moron. 
A large crane was used to remove the vehicle, and an inspector was called in to see if the building was still structurally sound.
The building is the home of  Manafort Brothers Inc., a construction business. The owners are related to Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager. How ironic given the fact that the Trump campaign is like some of bizarre car crash!

And in other totally out of control car news......A driver rolled and totaled her car after a spider dropped down from the rear view mirror and into her lap. SMDH!!!
The unidentified woman (and if I were her I wouldn't identify myself either), somehow only sustained a minor scratch on her hand following the dramatic crash in the Bonny Slope neighborhood of Portland, Oregon last week.
“Spider season in full swing,” the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said in a Twitter post, alongside an image of the overturned vehicle.
Deputies said the woman was nearing an intersection when the arachnid made its surprising descent. She lost control of the car and rolled it into a ditch.
The fate, and exact species, of the spider remains unclear. It probably jumped out of the car when his spidey sense started tingling...


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