Friday, September 16, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (9-17-2016)

Here’s a guy who takes his job very seriously. 

Video posted on Youtube shows a mailman attempting to make his rounds during a hurricane.

(NOTE: There’s some NSFW language in the clip ― the kind of language that might be used if you’re working in the middle of a hurricane.)

“I gotta deliver the mail, son!” the excited letter carrier shouts as he narrates his attempt to steer the vehicle through high winds and heavy rains. ”I gotta deliver the mail, haha!” 

The postal worker, who was not identified, said the storm was pushing his truck and at one point lifted its rear. It’s not clear when or where this footage was filmed, but by the end of the clip, he seems to be having some second thoughts.

“Seriously, how am I supposed to deliver in this shi@t?”

Sounds like somebody needs to be drug tested......

With a disproportionate number of black children in foster care and in need of adoption, onefoster-care would think that a black man looking to adopt a child would adopt a black child. For Barry Farmer, however, the choice was much deeper than skin color.

Farmer says his decision to adopt three white brothers was about love more than race. Still, the black father does get weird looks when he walks around with his white sons.

“I didn’t expect one kid, let alone three,” said the Richmond, Virginia father. “When someone calls you dad, you’re like, ‘who me?’ I just like taking care of children.”

Farmer says he became a foster parent 8 years ago because he believes every child needs a family.

“In this day in time when it comes to family, and seeing color or seeing unity and belonging, and that’s what I was hoping to accomplish with my family anyway,” Farmer said. “When I have them now I can’t imagine them anywhere else, and it’s a typical family. We may not look alike, but it’s a typical family. I just want them to be someone that I can be proud of and they can be proud of and that’s all it takes.”

Farmer’s 14 year old son Darrell says his father asked him a very important question.

“Dad was like, ‘can I be your dad forever?’ And I was like, ‘you already are.’ And that is how I came to stay here. I was in this dark spot at first and then he just comes in the picture. And everything’s all right.”

Farmer also adopted 12-year-old Xavier and 6-year-old Jeremiah.

Blacks make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, but according to, in 2014, 42 percent of kids in foster care were white, while 24 percent were Black or African-American.

“One of the strangest things that have happened to me in my life.”

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s... a fish? 

A Philadelphia woman says she was knocked to the ground when a 5-pound catfish fell from the sky and struck her in the face.

Lisa Lobree was on her way to a Labor Day exercise class near the Philadelphia Museum of Art when she was suddenly “slammed by something,” Lobree told the Philadelphia Enquirer.

“I was like, ‘What!?’I was freaking out,” she recalled.

Several news outlets  suggested that the 16-inch catfish fell from the grasp of a bird flying in the sky above.

Lobree suffered a small cut under her left eye and some swelling from the flying fish.

She was also hit with a distinct odor.

“I also smelled bad afterwards,” she told CBS Philadelphia. “I smelled disgusting.”


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