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Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-13-2016)

This is probably the weirdest of weird news.....

A story about life, death and corporate customer service.

Facebook user Wes Metcalfe posted a photo this past weekend of a dead worm smushed across an otherwise delicious-looking cucumber. He described the details of what happened in a Facebook post on the wall of British grocery chain Tesco where he had purchased a cucumber to make sandwiches.

To make light of the situation, he had attempted to introduce his children to their “new pet,” William the worm, before realizing that the creature appeared to be deceased.

With three mourning children on his hands, Metcalfe was busy planning a funeral, he wrote.

A Tesco representative identified only as “Rob” replied that he had issued Metcalfe a £10.00 Tesco gift card to “cover the cost of the day.”

But that wasn’t quite enough for Metcalfe, who wanted Rob to make more of a personal contribution. He suggested a poem. It was then that Rob clearly began to understand the gravity of the situation

“I’ll be heading to a muddy festival shortly, trawling through the fields of damp grass and dirt, much like William would’ve during his happier times,” Rob wrote. But Rob made up for his absence with a beautiful poem ode to William.

There's dumb and then there's dumber, unfortunately this guy is bothdumb and dumber.

Tanis Ukena, has been arrested on accusations he put methamphetamine and THC into the drink of a uniformed police officer in Davis County, Utah.........Just let that sink in for a minute.........

The police officer knew something was wrong after he took three sips of the lemonade he ordered from a drive-thru sandwich shop.

He struggled to find the brake pedal of his patrol car at a red light. When he arrived at the police station in the city of Layton, he drifted off and couldn't answer questions.

His colleagues sent him to the hospital and later found out the police sergeant's drink had been spiked with methamphetamine and THC.

Investigators believe it was done intentionally by an 18-year-old Subway employee, who was arrested on suspicion of surreptitiously giving a poisonous substance.

Tanis Ukena denied the allegations but acknowledged what investigators learned after watching surveillance video: He was the only one to prepare and handle the beverage.

He posted $10,000 bail and left jail. He has not been formally charged yet, and it's not known if he has an attorney. No listed phone number for him could be found.

The unnamed sergeant was released from the hospital Monday night and was taking Tuesday to recover, but he was expected to be fine, police Lt. Travis Lyman said.

Investigators don't know why Ukena drugged the drink but are investigating if the sergeant was targeted because he's a police officer, Lyman said.

He said officers generally enjoy a good relationship with residents in the city of 74,000 people north of Salt Lake City, but animosity and distrust of police has been growing around the country in the wake of a number of officer-involved shootings.

"It's not a reach to make that connection based on the climate right now," Lyman said.

Subway spokesman Shawn Cook said the company is cooperating with authorities and hoping the sergeant makes a quick recovery. Cook would not say if Ukena is still employed.

"We are shocked by these charges," Cook said in an emailed statement. "The restaurant owners are working closely with the police in their investigation and will take appropriate action."

Lyman said police have not had any previous problems with the Subway or with Ukena, outside of stopping him for speeding.

The state crime lab is testing the drink to determine the amount of drugs it contained.

The incident has raised eyebrows for Layton police officers who commonly eat at drive-thrus as they move from call to call, Lyman said.

"This is pretty surprising to us, certainly," Lyman said. "I imagine officers will be bringing lunch from home for some time."

What do the Trump campaign and a circus have in common?! They both have more than one clown!!! 

Don’t worry, Katrina Pierson. Twitter users have got your back.

After Donald Trump's spokeswoman blundered Saturday by erroneously saying that Presidet Barack Obama was responsible for the invasion of Afghanistan, tweeters united to helpfully offer her a bunch of other hilariously false historical events she may like to claim as fact.

Under the globally trending #KatrinaPiersonHistory hashtag, they joked that it was actually TV host Larry King who gave Martin Luther King Jr.’s iconic “I Have a Dream” address in 1963 and that the breakup of The Beatles was also Obama's fault.

Here a just a few hilarious tweets!

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