Monday, August 22, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (8-21-16)

Okay, I'll say it, & I need a rim shot. Because this next story is un-beelievable!!!........

Honeybees work in a hive located in an apple grove at Hartland Orchard, a family farm near the the Blue Ridge Mountains in Markham, Va., Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014. 

Three people were taken to a hospital after an estimated 30,000 to 60,000 bees escaped and stung people in a Walmart parking lot in southeast Oklahoma City.

Emergency Medical Services Authority spokeswoman Lara O'Leary says two people were transported in serious condition and the third was in good condition after being stung Saturday morning after the bees escaped from three hives.

Each of the three injured are adults, but no other information about them was released.

Oklahoma City Fire Battalion Chief Benny Fulkerson says the incident began about 10:30 a.m., when a person selling bee hives met a buyer in the parking lot and the bees escaped.

Fulkerson says beekeepers were called and gathered the insects. He said a firefighter was also stung, but did not require medical attention.

If kindness were a pop quiz, this man would pass with flying colors.

A man in Texas bought $97 of school supplies for a teacher at Walmart.

Lester Brown noticed Sabrina Drude, a teacher at Francis Scobee Middle School in San Antonio, at a register with a ton of school supplies and no children. So, he got behind her in line and struck up a conversation.

“He started asking me why I was buying all the supplies,” Drude told The Huffington Post. “Which is when I explained that I was a teacher who teaches in a low socio-economic area, and would rather have my students focus on learning than worry about their supplies.”

Brown then bought all of Drude’s supplies for her, which included bins, notebooks, pencil boxes, scissors, pencils, markers and colored pencils.

“I remember I had this hundred-dollar bill with the intention of responding to something in need, and God said to respond "Brown a pastor, father offive and  specialist for the Texas Juvenile Justice Departmentsaid.

The kind act made Drude emotional.

“I told him it was unnecessary and started to cry,” she told HuffPost.“He said that teachers do too much and don’t receive recognition. I asked if I could hug him and take a photo with him, because I didn’t think anyone would believe this happened.”

Overwhelmed by the selfless act, Drude left the store before asking Brown for his name. She told HuffPost that she wanted to send him a thank you note and letters from her students for the supplies.

Drude took to social media in hopes of tracking Brown down, posting about the experience on Facebook and Reddit.

Eventually, someone posted one of Drude’s posts to Love What Matters Facebook page and Brown responded:

“It’s important that people who are trusted to empower kids are loved and appreciated for their effort,” Brown wrote in his Facebook comment. “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned that are central to my life came from outstanding teachers and coaches.”

A local media outlet saw the comment and put Drude in touch with Brown, Drude said.

Drude said that she and Brown have been talking ever since and she hopes he can meet her students in person and perhaps have a pizza party.

Drude hopes Brown’s good deed sheds some light on the efforts of teachers.

“I am not a rare example,” she told Huffpost. “Almost every teacher I know spends hundreds, if not thousands each year on their classes.”

Brown, on the other hand, challenges people to follow his lead, saying.

“I challenge you, whatever it is you can afford, to volunteer at a school, help a family.”

I just discovered the eighth Wonder of the World!......KFC sunscreen!!

In what is probably the most sensical pairing to ever exist, the crispy poultry purveyor is giving away sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. 

KFC has created an “exclusive and extremely limited run of fried chicken-scented sunscreen” that will be available on a first come, first served basis, according to a press release.

Their tagline is, fittingly, “The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken.” 

If anyone I know is dumb....., I mean adventurous enough to try this, let me know how it works out for you!


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