Wednesday, August 3, 2016

His Ice Is Colder......

I've had the opportunity to speak to a few African-American Trump supporters over the past few weeks and I am amazed by their vehement support. Especially in the face of harsh criticism from their peers.  But the thing that amazes me the most is the fact that the very same African-Americans who seem to love Donald Trump seem to hate Barack Obama. While they're quick to profess that their preference is soley based on each mans politics, this proclamation rings hollow given the fact that Trump knows little if anything about politics, or diplomacy. These people are not only willing to overlook his lack of experience, or ideas, they are also willing to overlook the fact that he is a racist, sexist, moron who apparently has a disdain for crying babies. These are not frivolous accusations without merit. They are documented facts for which he is not apologetic or repentant. The very same African-Americans who seem to find endless amounts of forgiveness in their hearts for Donald Trumps brand of idiotacy wanted to tar and feather Barack Obama over accusations that were not even true. They said that he was a Muslim. Which is a lie. They would say that he was not born in this country, which is also a lie. They believed each and every rumor, and the vast majority of them had nothing to do with politics. I guess you can't really blame some of us for our cultural conditioning. Some of us have knowledge of self and some of us don't. Some of us know who we are, and some of us are still searching for ourselves.

I would like to urge all African-American Trump supporters to take a moment for introspection, and reflection before they cast their votes. Ask yourselves this question. Do you really like Donald Trump or do you like the fact that he is not somebody like you?

This reminds me of a story that I heard years ago.

A black man started his own ice business. One day he stopped by a black woman's home to sell some ice, she said no thanks. While still in the neighborhood, a white man drove up to this black women's home. He saw the exchange of money and he saw the white man taking ice into the house.

The black man knocked on the black woman's door and asked, why would you buy his ice and not mine. The black women said, his ice is colder.



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