Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just When You Thought You Heard It All News (6-25-2016)

A man in Rhode Island has a big beef with a local restaurant that called him "fatty" on the receipt.

Dillon Arnold was eating at All Stars Bar & Grill Tuesday night when it came time  to settle his bill.

“I was signing my slip,” Arnold told WJAR TV. “I didn’t really pay attention to it yet, and then I just happened to read it and I saw it in the corner and I was like, ‘Wow,’ and my heart just dropped.”

On the receipt where Arnold’s name should be was this word: “Fatty.”

Imagine what would have been on the receipt if he was a big black dude!

Restaurant owner Antonio Ambrosio told WPRI-TV that he requires servers to put the customer’s name on the check.

“Writing the name personalizes their visit. And yesterday an employee wrote the word "fatty" on their check,” Ambrosio said.

Ambrosio is very familiar with the employee who handled the order: It’s his 18-year-old son, T.J..............

Arnold posted a photo of the offensive receipt to Facebook where it quickly went viral.

Both Ambrosios attempted to apologize via the Facebook post.

Antonio Ambrosio wrote: 

“We sincerely apologize for your negative experience last night. It was very unprofessional to say the least. We take full accountability for what occurred and would like to make it up to you. Please call me so I can offer you something for the inconvenience. This should not have happened and my staff will be dealt with right away.”

Ambrosio also fired his son and said theteen is also forbidden to eatat the restaurant.

T.J. did reach out to Arnold on social media to apologize.

“What I did was immature and I acted without thinking about the consequences. I acted in a way that was rude, childish, and totally inappropriate. Due to my actions, I was terminated, rightly so,” he said.

Ambrosio has also offered a $50 gift card in an attempt to entice Arnold back to the restaurant.

So far, Arnold’s not biting.

“I’d rather just not go there,” Arnold told WJAR-TV. “It’s just so embarrassing.”

Some people are just DUMB. There's no explanation for it, and no excuse. Unfortunately, and I don't mean to offend Floridians when I say this, there seems to be no shortage of dummies in Florida.......

Two Florida men learned the hard way that it’s best not to brag about your alleged crimes on social media.

Raderius Glenn Collins, 18, allegedly posted a Facebook Live video in May under the name Collins Raderius in which he and two friends flashed stacks of money and boasted that “we got a safe.”

Police used the video to arrest Collins as well as 27-year-old Marcus Terrell Parker for two alleged burglaries. A third suspect remains at large. 

The video is still online, and in a June 13 post, Collins blamed Facebook for “snitchin.”  

The men were accused of stealing a safewith more than $500,000 in jewelry from one home, and jewelry worth more than $10,000 from another home, according to NBC Miami. 

The suspects were not only lousy at being thieves, they were even worse at cutting deals for stolen goods.

“The jewelry that they sold was valued at $500,000, but they sold it and got $1,300 each.

Police said they recovered the jewelry and other items, and that the men may have been involved in more crimes.

“These men have committed crimes throughout the county,” Village of Pinecrest communications manager Michelle Hammontree said. “They happen to have been arrested in Pinecrest but there’s cases open in the county for them as well.”

This guy’s got more than just one stroke of luck. 

A man who happens to be named Larry Gambles recently won the $1.3 million Lucky Day lotto in Illinois. What’s more, this is the 65-year-old’s second time winning and he even used the same exact numbers he did the first time around. 

“I can’t believe they paid off again!” Gambles said of his special numbers in a press release. 

According to the statement, Gambles has continued playing those numbers ever since he won big. 

“Nine years ago, I won $50,000 playing the numbers from the jerseys of my high school basketball team,” he explained in the release. “I’ve been playing the same numbers ever since.”

When he went back to the Harvey’s Corner BP, where he bought the ticket, and saw that his tactic actually came to fruition, his family was understandably shocked. 

The two-time lottery winner has some sweet plans for the money, which involve sharing the winnings with friends and family. 

Gambles isn’t the only one who’s reaping the benefits of those lucky numbers, either. Harvey’s received a $10,500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. 

With two wins under his belt, Gambles has some advice for those looking to experience a little success with the lottery. 

“Pick your favorite numbers and stick with them,” he said in the release. “It worked for me!”


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  1. It would appear that the restaurant owner did everything that he could have possibly done, but I can certainly understand why the former patron will not return to the restaurant. Well, the two burglars -- Collins & Parker--are really a little too dumb to be professional thieves it would seem--actually filming the loot and bragging was a really dumb move! LOL. Glad to see Mr. Gambles win the money from the lottery. I pray that he uses it wisely and that he leaves something for his children's children.